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I’m Kind of Back? Maybe? Who Knows…

So, I completely skipped out on the year of 2017, didn’t I? Well… That wasn’t my plan originally. I started around eight posts over the last year and never finished any of them. Writer’s block has hit me hard this last year, which hasn’t spared my reviews and especially hasn’t helped progress on the Minecraft adventure map.


I’m going to say this now that I’m not sure whether or not I should continue creating Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces as a Minecraft adventure map. Back in 2013 when I originally started making the map, Minecraft was still a thriving game with a very active community. Now, the game’s popularity has decreased drastically, and it has made me think that if I do eventually finish up a playable version of the map (currently not too far off), will anyone even play it? I’ve decided to make a strawpoll here for three choices: to continue developing the map, to finish up my original plan for Version 1.1 and stop there, or to just stop now (and release a version of the map as is, unfinished and all). I really can’t decide the proper way to go about this. Over the years that I’ve been creating the map, I’ve developed a story to go along with it as well, and I quite like what I have going with the story. I think it’s worth saving the story at least and perhaps making a written series of sorts out of it, regardless of what the decision is toward the adventure map.

The next thing I want to talk about is potential rebranding of this blog. I’m going to be honest, I originally made my username “Pokemonsilph” back when I created a YouTube account when I was six years old in 2006, and I can’t say that I particularly enjoy having it as my username anymore. I’m currently trying to figure out a better name to use as of right now, but good ol’ writer’s block is showing itself again. (EDIT: Brainstormed for a bit and came up with names like RecollectionReviews or Sentimentation. If either of those sound decent, I’ll take it!)

In terms of my posts in general, I’ve honestly lost a little bit of passion for making reviews, but that’s mostly because I can never seem to finish a review that I start. Just to name a few, I started writing reviews for Paper Mario Color Splash, Pokemon FireRed, Banjo-Kazooie, Overwatch, and, of course, Donkey Kong Country Returns. I may eventually finish the Pokemon FireRed or DKC Returns review, but the other ones aren’t really fresh on my mind anymore. I even tried to write up new Saturday Gaming Stuff posts at least three times, but by the time I would almost finish them, they were irrelevant (I still have an E3 2017 reactions post and a Nintendo Switch 2nd year predictions post in my saved drafts on this blog). I may make a top 10 list or two soon, as those posts are probably my favorite to make, but I can’t promise anything.


Now, how about the Donkey Kong-a-thon? Well, all I can say is that if I review DKC Returns, then I will definitely review Tropical Freeze. I just can’t say whether or not I promise to review Returns. At this point, Returns is being overshadowed in my mind by the absolute masterpiece that is Tropical Freeze. Therefore, it’s tough for me to gather my thoughts about parts of Returns without immediately comparing them to those more refined parts in Tropical Freeze. If I can more easily view Returns by itself (and if I ever get around to finishing Returns again), I’ll try to publish a review. Safe to say, however, the Donkey Kong-a-thon kind of killed my motivation to review games on this blog. It was at its worst by DKC3. I waited around for almost a month after I finished playing DKC3 to actually start writing a review; then, I began procrastinating until I had a halfway finished review. At this point, a point where I made a sizable mistake, I decided one night to just say “screw it,” and I wrote the rest of the review that night and didn’t read over it again before publishing it. Because of that, I was very unhappy with my review of that game, and I don’t think I gave the game what it deserved. I then tried extra hard with my review of DK JungleBeat to make a quality review, but to be frank, about ten people read that review, so I got a bit discouraged about this blog in general, thinking about why I should even create reviews if no one will ever read them. However, I enjoy writing about certain games, and I think I’ll now focus on games I’m currently playing (rather than decide to review a game a month after I’ve played it). Because of that, I will see if a certain game I just finished is a good candidate for a review.

My goal for this blog has changed a bit since my prior posts, and at the moment, what I want to do with this blog is to create reviews, top 10 lists, or gaming-related posts in order to spark conversations about certain games that are not talked about as much anymore. More so, games that I played when I was very young and that I have fond, or not-so-fond, memories of. A few games have come to my mind that I definitely want to review, but I can’t say when or if those reviews will ever come to be. We’ll just have to find out.

So, that’s all I have to talk about today. I needed to vent about this for a bit, so I appreciate if you happened to read this whole post. If you care about the Minecraft map, please vote about which path I should take with the map going forward (strawpoll¬†link here). Once again, thank you for reading this post, and I hope that you have a wonderful day!


Upcoming Posts Update

Hello! It’s been a few months since I last posted anything on this blog, but you can be certain that I didn’t spend the whole time being lazy. As school started back in mid-August for me, I haven’t had all the time in the world to work on reviews or the Minecraft adventure map, but I have still been working on both as much as possible. For the Donkey Kong JungleBeat review, it will be finished up fairly soon, as I only have to finish up the graphics/performance and music/sound sections as of now, as well as some finalizing the review as a whole (gameplay has always taken up the most time, which is thankfully out of the way).

However, I do want an opinion on one thing regarding my review structure: should I begin experimenting with my review structure as I used to do before I cemented in a style? I feel like a few things need to be moved around, and a couple new sections should be added I think. I personally am considering moving the “Environment” section to right after the “Gameplay” section, as I feel like my reviews may flow better if that was the case (perhaps discussing the tone before delving into the bulk of the game is better, however; this is why I would like to hear an opinion on this). Another thing is that I’m considering adding “Beginning” and “Spoilers/Ending” sections to the review and making those a substitute for the usual “Story” section. I feel like replacing the story section would help me to be able to talk more about the details of story through the “Spoilers/Ending” part. 

As for other posts, I’m planning on possibly starting back up Saturday Gaming Stuff, as I enjoy sharing my thoughts on current gaming events. I may start doing some mini-reviews again (with a new format) if there’s any demand, as certain games aren’t as deep as others, and that would be my chance to talk about them (for example, if I were to do games like the Mega Man series, the original Sonic Genesis/Mega Drive games, or some various indie games). I honestly want to see what you, the readers, might like to see. 

Why not change up my usual ending thanks and whatnot while I’m at it?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day or night!

(Edit of Two Months Later: It’s coming soon this time I promise.)

Quick Update (And a Bit of Monday Gaming Stuff #4: Mini Edition)

Quick Update:

This is just a quick note and update of what’s been going on and when I’ll be posting my next post and such like that. First off, I’ve been experiencing a bit of “Writer’s Block”, and due to that, have been having a hard time figuring out what to post about. I won’t be posting much more this year, except a special Christmas themed Top 10 List next Sunday, just so I can feel at least somewhat satisfied with my posts this month.

(Mini-Edition:) Monday Gaming Stuff #4:

I recently just started working on a beatmap with osu! on PC. (If you want to know at all what osu! is about you can click here to find the official website) It was really fun to do once I got into it, and it being my first beatmap, it was awkward at first. Hopefully, however, I can improve it enough to be considered for ranking, since I currently have it in the WIP section. (find it here)

I hoped you enjoyed this quick update and mini-edition of Monday Gaming Stuff. Feel free to comment about any questions or opinions of your own down below! Seeya!

I’m Back! + First Impressions of Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Oooooh the vacation life!… Oh wait, it’s over now… Oh well.
Hello! This is just going to be a quick update post since I haven’t posted anything since last Friday.
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