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Saturday Gaming Stuff #2 (Paper Mario Color Splash and more!)

Welcome to Saturday Gaming Stuff, where I discuss and say my opinions on various current gaming news and upcoming games. Today I will be talking about Paper Mario Color Splash, my opinions on remakes and remasters, and my current stance on what Nintendo should focus on for their next consoles.

Let’s get started!

Paper Mario Color Splash:


So… Color Splash, also known as Sticker Star 2 to some. 

I personally am hoping that this game will be much better than Sticker Star. My main complaints with Sticker Star were the short length, cryptic locations of necessary boss-killing stickers, and the mostly bland and lifeless levels. I’m not completely against the mission-based world that was presented in Sticker Star, but I think that perhaps Nintendo may have learned their mistakes made in Sticker Star (err… I hope anyway).

I at first was pretty angry that this was looking as if it would be just as bland and forgettable as Sticker Star was, but after watching GameXplain’s video disecting the multiple regional reveal trailers for the game, it really is starting to look at least like a good version of Sticker Star.

(GameXplain’s video disecting the Color Splash trailer:


 I myself wasn’t necessarily begging for a new story-based RPG Paper Mario like the original or TTYD (in fact I would have possibly preferred a game in the same style as Super Paper Mario). But my point is that Sticker Star wasn’t acceptable in terms of the usual quality that is found in the Paper Mario series, and I am still worried that Color Splash could possibly turn into practically the same experience, despite the minor improvements we’ve already seen.

I really can’t say much as to how it will compare to Sticker Star, but I’m almost certain, just by looking at the first area shown in the trailer, that it already has much more creativity put into it than Sticker Star. At this point, we just have to wait for some new info at E3 probably before I can make any solid judgments.

My Opinions on Remakes and Remasters:


First of all, let me get one thing straight: my definition of a remake is any game that updates a game to current hardware while making improvements to graphics, gameplay, and sound, while possibly adding a decent amount of new features; my definition of a remaster is any game that slightly improves a previous game with little changes here and there to fine tune the experience, while possibly adding extra options or small new features. As comparison, I would consider Pokemon OR/AS or Majora’s Mask 3D as remakes, and I would consider Twilight Princess HD and Borderlands Handsome Collection as remasters.

Personally, I have no gripes with the concept or even the execution of most remakes or remasters, since no one can force you to buy a remake or remaster, and they really feel meant for people who never experienced an older game (although, most are a missed opportunity to expand upon a game, which is an issue that plagues most remakes in particular). However, I do think that there’s been a bit too many of them flooding the market lately, although it was mainly a much bigger problem for the previous two and a half years, and I feel as if the remake/remaster trend could possibly be taking a break soon.

I actually have gotten very excited in the past for remakes and remasters, as most are able to revive my interest in the game being remade. Pokemon remakes, for example, really have helped bring the series’s older games, such as Red/Blue and Gold/Silver, into the series’s current generation while fixing many things that didn’t work in the original (also, these remakes usually add something worthwhile to the experience for people who have played them before). The 3DS Zelda remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask really don’t change that much in comparison to the Pokemon remakes, but, even then, everyone was longing for a remake of Majora’s Mask for the four years in between it and the Ocarina of Time remake (including myself), and what we got was great. As I’ve said before, most remakes and remasters really do a good job of bringing a game to newer consoles.

As for remakes or remasters that I do have gripes with, most are ones that are released way too soon after the original with little to no changes to improve the gameplay (you could place Last of Us Remastered here as an example, since it’s labeled as a remaster and was really just a year-later port to the PS4… Although it was a very smart decision to port it to the PS4), or another example is any remaster or remake that decides to actually take a step back in terms of functionality (Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition as a deathinitive- err… definitive example).

Overall most remakes and remasters are pretty fine in my eyes, although some are obviously more ambitious and well-worth it (Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty or Pokemon OR/AS) than others (Twilight Princess HD or Last of Us Remastered).

What I Think Nintendo Should Focus on Next Generation:


I’ll be honest: the Wii U is one of my favorite home consoles to date, and it has given me more total enjoyment than any other game console (especially when you factor in masterpiece titles like Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze). 

However, it is obvious that the Wii U has not sold as well as any other console in Nintendo’s repertoire (barring the Virtual Boy or Gameboy Advance Micro). In my opinion, the whole reason as to why the Wii U is not doing as well is… complicated. One reason I think could be the key issue is that no matter what, Nintendo will always appear to be the “kiddy” company (from their gaming inception onward), and the fact is: not even kids want to play Nintendo games (and the older fans that they do have are being alienated by the company’s decisions geared toward their target audience). That’s the main reason that comes to my mind at the moment, but I’m sure that someone could find a much more reasonable reason.

So the question of what I think that Nintendo should do next generation is not how Nintendo could win their small target audience (in which most that play games don’t even play Nintendo games) to their systems or how they could necessarily be profitable, but it’s how they can create either yet another innovative and cheap system (as the Wii was), while still appealing to their whole spectrum of fans (which would be very difficult), or they can create a console that just gets everything right in every aspect (while still innovating because that’s what Nintendo tries or succeeds in doing) and still has a solid launch lineup (such as if they were to launch Pikmin 4 and Zelda “U” as primary launch titles, and if both of those titles turn out to be completely stellar products).

There’s not really a surefire way to create a perfect console that will please most everyone with Nintendo as you can probably tell, but I personally believe that Nintendo’s main issue in the modern market is the disconnect between Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America. What about Nintendo’s Content ID debacles on YouTube for the past four or so years? Apparently it’s Nintendo of Japan’s fault, as they’re supposedly the ones who began the automated system on YouTube that Content ID’s people’s videos for having Nintendo content (mainly music or cutscenes as I’ve heard). This is one thing that has potentially taken many people away from becoming fans of Nintendo, and it is, and still will be, hurting their reputation for a long time.

I don’t know what they should do in the long run, honestly. There’s been rumor of the NX being a console/handheld hybrid, but nothing has been confirmed or even shown of the console(s) yet as of today. In the end, even if Nintendo’s next console isn’t as profitable as the Wii, DS, or 3DS, I can at least be sure that the games will still be just as fun as ever and enjoyable as they’ve always been.

Thanks for reading this (I hope lasting) return of Saturday Gaming Stuff! I won’t be doing this every week (I’ll only do one when there’s something noteworthy to talk about), but I’m gonna try to make all further Saturday Gaming Stuff posts into at least three topics from now on (potentially four or five near E3 time).

(Also, the DKC2 review will come out within a week, even though I said that it would come out within two weeks about two weeks ago. Whoops!)

Once again, thanks for reading! Seeya!