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Plan for 2017 for This Blog

It’s hard to believe that April is almost around the corner, and I still haven’t posted a new mini-review or the review for DKC Returns! As per usual, things have come up in the past few months that have completely stalled my progress on working on either of those reviews. I will say that I’m not planning on doing a mini-review before the DKC Returns review anymore, since I lost interest in the game which I was planning on reviewing (Overwatch). To be honest I haven’t even finished playing through DKC Returns yet (and I’m planning on playing it through on both the Wii version and the 3DS remake if time allows for that), and this is thanks to a certain game that has been very popular recently (of course, it’s Zelda Breath of the Wild). I’ve also had to scrap certain post ideas as they eventually weren’t relevant after many months of sitting unfinishing (I was planning on doing a “Top 10 Pokémon Games” list back when it was still the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, but that list started sometime around March last year and never got finished). 

Also, I haven’t given up on the Minecraft adventure map, but I haven’t had any time to work on it since 2017 began. On an interesting note, it’s been more than two years now since the original (quite meh) Version 1.0 of Golden Continent released. I had thoughts of maybe working on the adventure map quite a bit to get some sort of update out by that time, but that didn’t really work out. I obviously can’t even remotely give any sort of release date for Version 1.1 (and I’m not going to bother with calling it “alpha V1.1” or whatever, it’s currently a massive update to the map regardless, so the update after that will just be called Version 1.2, if I ever even get there). However, I can say that when the map update does eventually get released, it will be good (unlike V1.0, in my opinion). My most recent roadblock with the map has been dungeon design, but a few reviews of some Zelda games by a YouTuber named “KingK” have given me a new perspective on dungeon design. I’m currently figuring out designs for individual rooms and puzzles to place in them, but the overall dungeon structure has been greatly aided by KingK’s 3D Zelda reviews.

As of right now, I have a feeling April will be completely bare when it comes to blog posts, but I should have something coming out at least by late May. Thanks for sticking with this seemingly deserted blog for quite some time (if you did).

[June Update: I haven’t gotten much further in playing DKC Returns, but the Minecraft map has gotten a lot of attention from me lately. To be frank, I haven’t had a lot of time to play games, which are pretty much the backbone of this review blog. Normally the summer is a time that I can finally spend a lot of time on games or reviews, but I’m going to be a lot busier this summer than normal. I will try to get something out eventually (very reassuring, I know), but I can’t make any guesses as to when that will be, as I didn’t even make my last guess. I might make a Saturday Gaming Stuff after E3, just to share my thoughts, but I can’t make any promises as to when I’ll post that (it may be the Saturday after E3 or a few Saturdays after, depending on how much time I have to work on it). Thanks for reading this (if anyone has), and I hope to return with improvements to my review style.]


Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Version 1.1 Developer Diary #11

Welcome, finally, to the next developer diary for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces. I have some great and possibly disappointing news to tell in this one.

Wow, I’ve been working on this version of the map since February 2015. I remember my original goal of just adding in the new areas to 1.1 and only recreating the Water Temple dungeon… That sure changed! Since around August or so last year, I’ve been busy constantly coming up with ideas to make this map something special by practically remaking the entirety of the map to be something I would want to play. I’m not a fan of what I had made in Version 1.0, mainly because it feels very lazy to me now, but Version 1.1 (even the alpha version) will be the start of what I really want for the map.

Aside from that rambling, I’ve made a lot of progress inside of the map, fixing redstone structures to be more reliable (a lot of my older redstone usage was still in effect, and it often broke), adding a lot more depth to the different structures in the map, and, currently, making puzzles and challenges for the early dungeons in the map. I’ve already finished up completely the new revisions to the Stone Temple (aside from one room, which will be in the full 1.1 version), and I’m fairly satisfied with the new main puzzle in the dungeon that I’ve created (it’s not fantastic, but it’ll do).

Of course, it would seem like I would have made MUCH more progress by now, right? I mean, the release date is in less than a week, and I haven’t even mentioned progress on the Forest Temple, Sky Temple, or Water Temple? Well, I chose a bad time for a release date. I’ve only recently realized that May 31st was right before the end of school for me, and I’ve also had some personal stuff that’s halted my map’s progress on several occasions. I’m almost 100% certain that the map will be done within two or three months (hopefully just two months), and the reason why two or three months is necessary is because I felt like I was possibly rushing the map now. I want to really take my time with building the Forest and Sky Temples (the Water Temple is actually pretty close to being done), and I want to make revisions to the Dark Dimension dungeon in the middle of the map (not as drastic as the other dungeons, though). I’m also very close to finishing up the Path to the River Source area in the River Haverna area.

And… one thing that I wanted to get out of the way now, since some things weren’t looking well-made beforehand, is expanding the outside of Mt. Olrin to be more of a mountain range than just a single peaked mountain (I’ve also removed the unnecessary clouds around the original Mt. Olrin peak). The outside of the mountain will be used in the Mt. Olrin dungeon in Version 1.2 as well, which is why I wanted to go ahead and make it a lot bigger. Here is what I currently have:


It took me roughly 3 days to build that, and it’s still going to be updated a bit later in the full Version 1.1 (as well as having the mountain range continue on around other areas of the map). I have big plans for the dungeon inside of Mt. Olrin for Version 1.2, but, for now, I have to focus on other areas of the map that haven’t even been really started yet. The next thing I will be working on is the Reversal Woods and the Forest Temple (and the Sky Temple area after that as well). As a note also, the alpha version of 1.1 won’t contain the Wilted Tree mini-dungeon, as I need to change some other things before then, but you will still be able to obtain a shield by travelling to the outside of the dungeon.

Hopefully this wasn’t too disappointing for those who were expecting the map in a few days; however it most likely was a bit disappointing, and I apologize if that’s the case.

Thanks for reading this eleventh installment of my developer diary for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces. (Next time, I will discuss the Forest Temple, Sky Temple, and Water Temple.)

(Edit on September 16: Well, school has begun again, and I’ve been completely swamped in every way with homework and writing projects. Mostly because of those writing projects, I haven’t felt much like writing recently, and as a result of that, the Minecraft map is going to take most likely until November or December to get the alpha version of 1.1 out. I’ve honestly hit a bit of “designer’s block” (like writer’s block except for design), and that’s hindered my ideas for the dungeons, which are all that’s left to finish up now until I can release the alpha version. I truly apologize, once again, for these broken release date promises, as I usually set them with the mindset of me working on it continually, but I almost never have. As for the JungleBeat review, it’s getting there, but I still haven’t had much time to work on the review.)

Also, as for other posts, school has halted those a bit. I’ll return with a DKC3 review in the summer.

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane #2: Minecraft 2011 to the Present Day

Welcome to a new three part series (I’m releasing all three at the same time) that I will be delving into about games/services that were a part of my “childhood” or that just plain give me nostalgia or that I think fondly of. Part #2 is going to be mining into my 2011 to 2016 (thus far) history with playing Minecraft from version Beta 1.2_0.1 to version 1.8 (non-Beta). This isn’t a review of Minecraft necessarily, but I may go over aspects of the game when I feel that it may be necessary to understand my personal nostalgic experience.

My first experience with Minecraft was a strange one. It was halfway through 2010, and my brother was playing an alpha version of Minecraft, and I used to watch him play it many times; however, during Christmas-time of that year, my brother decided to let me play the game, and he gave me his account to share (although, he really never played it again after that, and it basically became my account). Playing the game for the first time, I started out playing on Peaceful difficulty, and I stayed on Peaceful for quite awhile. Back then, I had no idea what all these “creepers”, skeletons, zombies, or huge spiders even looked like, and I was scared to even switch my game to Easy difficulty (I was 10 years old, that’s my excuse). I still remember some things that I tried to make during my first couple of times playing: I tried to make an animal material farm (back then, animals in Minecraft kept spawning over time), I built a very laughably bad sand castle, and I built a house once (and accidentally burned it down, and it was on… purpose? Even though I tried my hardest to stop it after I started it; I was a weird kid). All this wasn’t on the same world, but on the same world as my “animal farm”, I managed to make a compass, get lost, and never find my old house again (I was extremely heartbroken given that it was my first Minecraft world, and because I was 10). I would consider digging out my old laptop and attempting to finally find my “animal farm” settlement, but… I honestly feel that I would be disappointed about it being most likely on the other side of the hill that I stopped looking on. Also, I’m pretty sure that I never had (and still don’t have) any idea of whether or not the compass was pointing towards my spawn or the opposite direction.

After this, there wasn’t much to be said… until I started playing on servers. My very first server that I ever played on, I nearly was banned within five minutes of first joining the server because I was attempting to fulfill Minecraft’s goals of mining stone and ores to get materials to be better, and I may or may not have accidentally destroyed two houses, a giant moderator-made stone sphere, and dug up a ton of stone slab roads. Luckily, I wasn’t banned from that server (I was given a “warning”), and it ended up being my personal favorite Minecraft server out of any of the ones that I have personally played. Time flows on… I start playing on some more servers, and I come across a huge server called “chaos.discovr.us”. This was the biggest PVP server at the time, and for good reasons. Times changed, they reset the maps for the server, they returned, and then they disappeared, and I still have no reason why. I hear that the server is still running today, but it’s not the same unless it has as huge of a community that it once had.

After that, I began trying to use different mods through an early “mod loader” program, which only rarely worked (and when it first did actually work, I was banned from survival.discovr.us, chaos’s survival multiplayer counterpart, and I was absolutely pissed… until they reset the ban list). This was the time when mods like “Mo’ Creatures” (the pre-cursor to horses in Minecraft), “Mo’ Creeps and Weirdos” (a really fun mod with a lot of new, weird mobs), Battle Towers, etc. were new and exciting. This was all fun, as usual, but then something beautiful happened… I discovered Minecraft videos on YouTube, back when the concept was more fresh that it is now. YouTubers like Batclone, PaperBatVG, and PaulsoaresJr., all were very fun to watch back in the day (I keep using “back in the day”, and now I feel old). But, I’d rather keep focused on my experiences with the base game, rather than trail off into things only related to the base game.

My nostalgic experience of Minecraft mostly ends there, but what about current day Minecraft, how does it fare in comparison? Well, the community is definitely more adept in making things in Minecraft (a working phone in Minecraft, 16-bit computer, etc.), and it hasn’t lost its touch yet, but the community has definitely shown that it’s no longer mostly comprised of people trying a new small game called “Minecraft”, and discovering what made it so special for the first time. Now, I’m really not into Survival Mode or playing on servers, but building is now still stronger than ever in terms of what I enjoy (it’s why I’m making an adventure map… nudge, nudge shameless plug). Of course, mods like Millenaire still freshen up the game, and maps are very enjoyable, but occasionally, I’m just plain tired of playing Minecraft.

And, that’s all I can really say about my nostalgic experiences of playing Minecraft.

I suggest that you check out Part #1 (about Flipnote Studio/Hatena) here and Part #3 (about Pokemon) here.

Thanks for reading, seeya!

Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Version 1.1 Developer Diary #10

Welcome to the tenth installment in this Developer Diary! If you haven’t checked out the previous (smaller) installment of this Developer Diary, then you should definitely check it out here. Now, with that out of the way… This is gonna be a big one.

I’m gonna split this installment of the Developer Diary up into three parts: “New Areas/Features”, “Progress Towards a Release”, and finally “Release Date of the Alpha Version of 1.1”. I’m very excited to talk about the new ideas and old areas I’ve been working on.

New Areas/Features“:

Since the last time I gave an update, I began working on a brand new area called “River Haverna” (what a creative name /s). It is placed between Lake Haverna and the Water Temple, and it will be fleshed out much more in V1.2 (way down the road). River Haverna is made of two parts: the Flood Plains and the Path to the River Source. The Flood Plains are the main thing that will be improved in V1.2 because it will be related to a couple side quests for that version. While it won’t be included in V1.1, a new area will be added in V1.2 called “Reten Island”. This island  will contain an arena-like place that will reward the player for each different arena that is cleared (work has not even begun on Reten Island or the Flood Plains’ side quests, however).

Flood Plains:

I have also finalized Lake Haverna, and it isn’t quite as interesting as it once was planned to be (it was originally planned to contain the arena-like area that will be located on Reten Island, but that idea was not possible as the areas in the map began to overlap with each other), but it also takes part in a side quest and is there to help fill out the atmosphere of the map.

Lake Haverna:

There’s obviously not quite as much to show besides this one overhead view, but that’s how it will be for the time being.

Also, as a note, since I have no idea if I’ve mentioned it here, I’ve begun naming things in the map with diverse and fitting names. The village that you start in the game is now called “Coast Fount Village”, rather than “Starting Village”. I’m typically horrible with naming things, and that’s why I have put off naming things until now

Lake Haverna, Coast Fount Village, and the Flood Plains next to each other:
Progress Towards a Release“:

As for the full Version 1.1 experience, I cannot really give an answer as to when it will be ready. Most of the stuff I must finish before a release is going to happen is actually stuff that will be included in the Alpha, but there will be much more complex structures and dungeons in the second half of the map, which would heavily slow down anyone who wants to play a heavily remixed and refined version of the original map. Most of the map that is left to finish are the dungeons (and, notably, a new area before the Sky Temple), and they have already been planned out (just not yet built) with the exception of new additions to the first dungeon and two certain mini dungeons- one early in the map (which is meant to reward the player early on with a Minecraft 1.9 shield, but I have no idea when 1.9 will be released) and another later in the map (which is able to be seen in almost any area of the map, which makes its incomplete status very troubling for the map). There are also small story-related areas in the map, which I do not want to spoil whatsoever, that are busy being built.

Release Date of the Alpha Version of 1.1“:

I can only say…

*drum-rolling intensifies*

May 31st, 2016 is the planned release date for the Alpha Version of V1.1.

Yes, it’s quite a ways away, but the full Version 1.1 experience will most likely follow suit not too long after (however, that doesn’t mean that there will be no difference between the Alpha and the full version in the first half of the map). Also, I just realized that I passed the one year mark in terms of development time between V1.0 and V1.1… hopefully the Alpha will give you at least a small taste of the many improvements that I’ve made and of the complete overhaul of most areas.

[EDIT: May 31st has grown to be a bad date for the release of the map for me, mainly because of my school finals being right next to the release date and other personal stuff happening lately. I’ve made a great deal of progress in completing the alpha parts of the map, and… I honestly might have been able to pump the alpha version out by May 31st, but I felt as if I was rushing certain things. For now, I shall link you to a new Developer Diary that will explain more of the progress I’ve made on the map (as soon as I’m able to make the post first).]

Whew, that was a lot that I had to get out. Hopefully, at least one person is excited for the new areas and such that I’m adding and all of the major improvements that I’ve made. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I will be occasionally updating you all with more Developer Diaries between now and May 31st. Seeya!

Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Version 1.1 Developer Diary #9.5 (Mini-Edition)

Yes, you’ve read that right. I’ve gone full Kingdom Hearts on you: placing “.5’s” everywhere because I just feel like it now! In all actuality, I’m making this quick developer diary because I want to say something about the current state of the map in general.

I’ve fallen behind in terms of working on the map, but I’ve made progress towards finishing the early parts of the map completely. However, the idea came to me of possibly releasing an “Alpha Version” of V1.1, which will mostly include a polished remake of the first version (V1.0) of the map. I want to be able to have some sort of concrete release news about the map soon… So, be prepared for an announcement of a release date soon, but not as soon as, say, this or next week. As for what I have to complete before release of this Alpha Version, I need to complete three dungeons (and extend two others), begin making a new area and finish it, finish up a small bit of two areas, do some story shenanigans, and stabilize the map for an Alpha release. I hope to also release #10 of the developer diary around the same time as the release of the Alpha Version of the map, and it will detail new bosses (Actual bosses instead of gauntlets of enemies).

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for a release date announcement of the Alpha Version in a few weeks! Seeya!

(Also as a note, I have created a new subreddit for this map, if you prefer to scroll through reddit than keep in touch with this blog.)

Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Version 1.1 Developer Diary #9

Okay, I’ll be honest: I haven’t worked much on this map in about a month (because of school and other things), but I haven’t done one of these in awhile, and I’d really like to do another one to showcase some new ideas I’ve had since the last edition of this developer diary. By the way, if you haven’t checked out the previous edition of this developer diary, I suggest that you check it out here!

(As a side note, I’ve updated the Minecraft Forums page, just so that I could make sure that it was updated and kept knowledgeable along with you guys reading this post.)

Okay, first off, I’ve decided that I want to include a new shop area underneath the Castle in Castle Town, which has three shops (a sword-smith shop, a shield-smith shop, and a bow-smith shop), a “knight’s academy”, and the “army chief’s” office. The latter two features are a main part of a certain side quest that I’ve been making. Inside each of the three shops, you will be able to give each shop owner a Level 1 or Level 2 “upgrade gem”, which can power up your weapon, shield, or bow in terms of attack/defense (and I don’t know what I’ll do with shield upgrades, since 1.9 isn’t even out yet). There are a total of six upgrades, and you can transfer upgrade levels between new weapons and such.

Secondly, I’m planning a co-op version of the map sometime in late 2016-early 2017 (which feels like a long way away for now, but it’ll be then in no time). I’m waiting until I completely finish the map so that I don’t have to painstakingly make the map again for both versions. It will include an edited story-line to reflect on the fact that there’s two characters playing instead of one, changed dungeons with new puzzles that require two people (and they will be harder compared to the original puzzles), and side quests that acknowledge that there are two people instead of one.

Thirdly, not in Version 1.1, but in Version 1.2, I hope to add quite a few new side quests and such to the map, and I’m trying to detail the map a bit with more mini-dungeons by planning them out for V1.2. I’m hoping to add a two-part mini-dungeon that has two entrances in two different areas. Completing both parts of the mini-dungeon unlocks a central room with some sort of reward. I’m also going to be adding a dungeon that has the sole purpose of upgrading the Firina Blade to its “Final Form”. Actually, in terms of necessity of getting these upgrades, you will be able to complete the final dungeon in the map without these upgrades, but I’m hoping of possibly having multiple pathways in the final dungeon that will be different depending on what upgrades you acquired in your journey. It’s a novel idea in a way, but it could be somewhat difficult to pull off for me, since I’m practically a noob at redstone and command blocks compared to pretty much anyone else from what I see.

Lastly, and this is something I’ve been putting off talking about, I want to eventually release a sequel to this map. I know it’s too early to say this, but I find that there’s many unexplored things that I could add to this map. There’s more to the continent of Haverna than just what’s found in this map, in fact, it’s only about half of the continent in terms of total area used (obviously, it isn’t actually a giant continent in the map, but that’s why there’s walls blocking your view from the ground level… it’s to help with the immersion). I’m planning on having more modern areas on the other parts of the continent, and you will be able to return to the original map’s locations in some way. I don’t want to go too deeply into the things I’m planning for the sequel, but I know it will be fun to play at the very least!

This developer diary could be shorter or longer than normal, considering how you look at it, but I think that I still put out more information than usual in one singular developer diary. I’m currently physically (and mentally) exhausted at the moment (because I’m sick at the moment), so excuse any typos that I’ll most likely neglect to quickly scan for. At any rate, thanks for reading edition #9 of the developer diary for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces. This project because much more ambitious than I ever could have expected back when I started making the map back in January 2013, and I’m incredibly glad that I kept making it past Version 1.0. As for this blog, I’m also glad that I started out on a writing venture that will most definitely improve my writing ability for later on in life. Anyway, I’m rambling on and on at this point. Once again, thanks for reading, seeya!

(P.S. I’m working on another review of a Nintendo-related game for later, but it will take awhile before I complete it.)

Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Developer Diary #8

I’ve got a LOT of new stuff to talk about today! If you haven’t read the previous developer diary, I suggest checking it out here! Without further ado, let’s get started!

So, I’ve been working on a lot of things to make the map feel more like a Zelda game. I don’t feel comfortable revealing everything right now, but I want to reveal the obvious things first. For one, there is a brand new hub area, dubbed “Haverna Field”. It has some enemies to fight in it (although not too many, because you need to go here earlier in the game), and it has some secrets in it too, some of which are very helpful. However, I’m currently waiting until Minecraft 1.9 before I lay out what secrets are going where, as I will most likely include several shields and such in the map as secrets (but probably one shield that you can get easily in the beginning of the map). Haverna Field links together the Seashore, the Forest, the area near the “Starting Village” (Yes, I still need to give it a proper name, along with several other areas), Castle Town, and a cave that leads to something that I’ll talk about in a later developer diary. You can find multiple pictures of Haverna Field right here (keep in mind, however, this isn’t the final product, and it is likely to change somewhat):
I’ve started making a new area inside of the Forest, called the “Reversal Woods”, which is your typical Lost Woods-type area. Inside of the Reversal Woods, you can find a brand new Forest Temple and some other secretive things. However, I’ve only begun working on it, so I’ll only be able to show you a small bit of it right now along with some pictures of the Forest area:
And with that, I don’t have pictures left to show! However, I’m still going to be talking more about the map itself and why I’m making it.

I wanted originally to make this map because of a YouTuber named Batclone, who was doing a “Amateur Adventure Maps” series at the time. I had never made a Minecraft map before, so I decided to take a dive and attempt something decent. My first attempt at an adventure map that I had never really done before. He inevitably stopped doing the adventure map series before I completed my original version of the map, so I stopped working on it for a long time. However, I picked it back up around mid-2014, and I started making plans for an actual release that more than one person would play. That’s where V1.0 came into play, but it retained most of the same builds from when I was originally trying to rush the map out for a map series. I released the map in February 2015, and I almost immediately started working on V1.1, which is the same version I’m working on now. Seven months later, and I’ve practically remade the entire map. Whilst V1.0 was my incomplete thought, V1.1 will be what I truly want the map to be: A Zelda-game’s experience with a couple twists. I’m still planning for around a Halloween release date, but I have a feeling that it may be pushed back into mid-late November to early-December, primarily because of the dungeons, which I will be working on last.

This is going on kinda long for my usual developer diaries, so I will be ending this edition of the developer diary here. I hope you enjoyed reading this edition of the developer diary for my upcoming update for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces, seeya!