I am a person who enjoys playing video games, and enjoys sharing my thoughts about them!

I love games of almost every time (except certain MMO’s and most RPG’s, which I’m too busy to put enough time into for me to enjoy them), and I especially love rhythm games of the same type as Rhythm Heaven and osu!. My favorite game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (3D I guess).

I’m also currently making a Zelda-like Minecraft adventure map.

My usernames for various online services are below, if anyone wants to friend me!:

PSN: Pokemonsilph

Wii U: 3Drawer3 (don’t ask why that’s my username!)

3DS FC: 3351-4054-7612

Steam: Pokemonsilph

YT: Pokemonsilph


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ye. No reason really. For a long time Mynintendonews was filled with trolls and idiots arguing over pointless things, so I started pointlessly saying Ye to comments… magically much of the trolling disappeared though I’m sure I had nothing to do with it. Talk about enjoying games, not which console is “better”.

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