Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane #3: Pokemon from Red and Blue to the Present Day

Welcome to a new three part series (I will release all three at the same times) that I’m delving into about discussing three games/services that are from my “childhood” or that give me nostalgia or that I remember fondly. I’ll be going mostly over Pokemon Red and Blue to Pokemon Platinum (there’ll be a little bit about Pokemon Black and White 1 & 2) and some of the spin-offs, but I may touch on the more recent main-series games, if it feels necessary. Also, I must mention that this was never originally intended to be released on the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, but it just worked out that way (in other words, I saw an opportunity to release this post one day later so that it could commemorate the this series’s 20th birthday).

So, my username is “Pokemonsilph“, as you may notice, and I rarely ever talk about Pokemon or Generation 1 or Silph Co. or anything like that (aside from Pokemon Shuffle). It’s not that I’m just sporting a strange name about Pokemon because I’ve been using it for nine or so years because a dumb kid version of myself decided to make that my username… Oh wait, yeah it is (I even originally wrote my YouTube username in all caps for some reason)! Kid version of myself was dumb, but I just… can’t really think of anything else I could call myself at this point, considering that I’m so used to it after using this username for so long. But I’m getting off-topic here: you came here for Pokemon, not a weird username.

My recollections of my origins with playing Pokemon are a bit cloudy to me at this point. I know that I played Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, and FireRed way back when I was four or five years old. The one that I remember the most playing back then was undoubtedly Ruby, and Gen 3 is still (nostalgically) my favorite Pokemon generation to this day (although, Generation 5 has grown on me). After Ruby, I played Gold and Silver the most, but I cheated so much using my brother’s GameShark cheat device. As a result- and this is no exaggeration- I was the absolute worst Pokemon player on the planet, especially when I played Ruby/FireRed and realized that my brother didn’t have a cheating device that worked with the GameBoy Advance. I used to skip every single battle in games like FireRed and Gold/Silver, and I actually managed to end up at the Elite Four in FireRed with a level 27 Charmeleon (and even lower level other Pokemon). I’m still completely confused as to how I managed to beat all of the gyms with such low levels, but I was still unable to beat the champion in FireRed (you would be sad to see how many consecutive losses and hyper potions/revives it took me back then to even get past one Elite Four member, let alone four then losing to the champion…).

My lack of skill aside, Ruby was the only game where I even came close to beating the champion (with properly-leveled Pokemon, mind you), but even then, dumb kid version of myself was yet still permeating through into my game skills. I spent months trying to find out how the heck to get to encounter the Regis (I never looked up anything online until 2007), and after trying for months, I finally discovered online game walkthroughs (I don’t even remember being angry because of how happy I was about finally getting to catch the Regis). Aaaaaaand, then I forgot to save before battling Regirock, and I killed it. Oops. Kid version of myself went insane at this moment because  I didn’t realize that I saved before doing the Regirock puzzle anyway (it really didn’t matter).

Regis aside, and yes, I mean you too, Regifils (this is a really bad joke), I honestly didn’t have much more problems with Ruby in my dumb kid years, but Generations 4 and 5 have managed to stay very relevant in my memories. Pokemon Pearl was the game that I almost played more than Ruby, but somehow I remember Generation 3 more. Anyway, Pokemon Pearl was the first DS game that I remember enjoying, and it’s still something that I would love to return to right now (although Chuggaaconroy is doing a Platinum playthrough anyway so I’ll hold off). I honestly don’t remember being influenced by the dumb kid version of myself floating around, but I can say that I was rick-rolled while trying to look up how to encounter Arceus (I even knew that I needed an Action Replay cheat device to access Arceus anyway, but I was in denial since I didn’t own an Action Replay at the time). Pokemon Pearl was amazing from what I remember, but I had no idea about Platinum until early-2010, when another random kid was playing it on his DS (and showing off at how he had Pokemon Platinum and I didn’t). I was furious, and as soon as I talked my parents into buying me Pokemon Platinum, I played it and played it for days on end. Honestly though, my memories of Pokemon Pearl and Platinum really just stop there, minus some other cheating things (like Mystery Zones).

Pokemon SoulSilver managed to amaze me much less than Ruby or Pearl did, but I honestly like it much more than Pearl now that I have had time to allow it to grow on me. And I really don’t have many memories of this game either (even Whitney’s Miltank wasn’t bad from what I remember). Pokemon Black and White were very strange excursions for myself, considering how I was so confused as to why it wasn’t delayed a bit and ported to the 3DS, but little did I know that it would become one of my favorite Pokemon games (especially its sequel). First of all, each and every one of the Pokemon new to Generation 5 were really memorable in my opinion (yes, even the garbage bag and ice cream), and I was probably one of the few who enjoyed the lack of old Pokemon in Unova before fighting the champion (in Black/White 1 anyway), since it really made the game feel so much more fresh and new. Black and White 2 didn’t bring this neat inclusion back from their predecessors, but I don’t even care because of all of the other incredible features and places that they added in this game. Pokestar Studios was a neat distraction, but the Black Tower was the thing that kept me playing the game after beating it. Why? Because of the final reward that you get for seeing/catching all of the Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex; however, I never actually finished this since you need both Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 to do this in one of the games.

Also, I guess I should talk about spin-offs: where to begin… Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, PokePark Wii (this one really wasn’t that great), and the Pokemon TCG GBC game. Yeah, I really don’t have much to say about these… other than Pokemon Snap. Pokemon Snap is one of those games where it’s just a fun blast to play no matter what mood that you’re in. Taking pictures of all Generation 1 Pokemon was pretty neat at the time, and it’s still very fun. Besides that, I guess I have some fond memories of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger (although the latter is apparently not as great as I remember, according to reviews that I’ve seen after the fact).

Anyway, that’s really the extent of what I fondly remember about the Pokemon series.

If you want to check out the other two parts in this series, you can find Part #1 (about Flipnote Studio and Hatena) here, and you can find Part #2 (about Minecraft) here.

Thanks for reading, seeya!


3 thoughts on “Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane #3: Pokemon from Red and Blue to the Present Day”

  1. Loved Pokemon. I actually used Gameshark quite a bit once I had thoroughly beaten Pokemon Blue and then was into finding hidden “cheats” found across the Internet, most of which were just people making stuff up.

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