Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane #2: Minecraft 2011 to the Present Day

Welcome to a new three part series (I’m releasing all three at the same time) that I will be delving into about games/services that were a part of my “childhood” or that just plain give me nostalgia or that I think fondly of. Part #2 is going to be mining into my 2011 to 2016 (thus far) history with playing Minecraft from version Beta 1.2_0.1 to version 1.8 (non-Beta). This isn’t a review of Minecraft necessarily, but I may go over aspects of the game when I feel that it may be necessary to understand my personal nostalgic experience.

My first experience with Minecraft was a strange one. It was halfway through 2010, and my brother was playing an alpha version of Minecraft, and I used to watch him play it many times; however, during Christmas-time of that year, my brother decided to let me play the game, and he gave me his account to share (although, he really never played it again after that, and it basically became my account). Playing the game for the first time, I started out playing on Peaceful difficulty, and I stayed on Peaceful for quite awhile. Back then, I had no idea what all these “creepers”, skeletons, zombies, or huge spiders even looked like, and I was scared to even switch my game to Easy difficulty (I was 10 years old, that’s my excuse). I still remember some things that I tried to make during my first couple of times playing: I tried to make an animal material farm (back then, animals in Minecraft kept spawning over time), I built a very laughably bad sand castle, and I built a house once (and accidentally burned it down, and it was on… purpose? Even though I tried my hardest to stop it after I started it; I was a weird kid). All this wasn’t on the same world, but on the same world as my “animal farm”, I managed to make a compass, get lost, and never find my old house again (I was extremely heartbroken given that it was my first Minecraft world, and because I was 10). I would consider digging out my old laptop and attempting to finally find my “animal farm” settlement, but… I honestly feel that I would be disappointed about it being most likely on the other side of the hill that I stopped looking on. Also, I’m pretty sure that I never had (and still don’t have) any idea of whether or not the compass was pointing towards my spawn or the opposite direction.

After this, there wasn’t much to be said… until I started playing on servers. My very first server that I ever played on, I nearly was banned within five minutes of first joining the server because I was attempting to fulfill Minecraft’s goals of mining stone and ores to get materials to be better, and I may or may not have accidentally destroyed two houses, a giant moderator-made stone sphere, and dug up a ton of stone slab roads. Luckily, I wasn’t banned from that server (I was given a “warning”), and it ended up being my personal favorite Minecraft server out of any of the ones that I have personally played. Time flows on… I start playing on some more servers, and I come across a huge server called “chaos.discovr.us”. This was the biggest PVP server at the time, and for good reasons. Times changed, they reset the maps for the server, they returned, and then they disappeared, and I still have no reason why. I hear that the server is still running today, but it’s not the same unless it has as huge of a community that it once had.

After that, I began trying to use different mods through an early “mod loader” program, which only rarely worked (and when it first did actually work, I was banned from survival.discovr.us, chaos’s survival multiplayer counterpart, and I was absolutely pissed… until they reset the ban list). This was the time when mods like “Mo’ Creatures” (the pre-cursor to horses in Minecraft), “Mo’ Creeps and Weirdos” (a really fun mod with a lot of new, weird mobs), Battle Towers, etc. were new and exciting. This was all fun, as usual, but then something beautiful happened… I discovered Minecraft videos on YouTube, back when the concept was more fresh that it is now. YouTubers like Batclone, PaperBatVG, and PaulsoaresJr., all were very fun to watch back in the day (I keep using “back in the day”, and now I feel old). But, I’d rather keep focused on my experiences with the base game, rather than trail off into things only related to the base game.

My nostalgic experience of Minecraft mostly ends there, but what about current day Minecraft, how does it fare in comparison? Well, the community is definitely more adept in making things in Minecraft (a working phone in Minecraft, 16-bit computer, etc.), and it hasn’t lost its touch yet, but the community has definitely shown that it’s no longer mostly comprised of people trying a new small game called “Minecraft”, and discovering what made it so special for the first time. Now, I’m really not into Survival Mode or playing on servers, but building is now still stronger than ever in terms of what I enjoy (it’s why I’m making an adventure map… nudge, nudge shameless plug). Of course, mods like Millenaire still freshen up the game, and maps are very enjoyable, but occasionally, I’m just plain tired of playing Minecraft.

And, that’s all I can really say about my nostalgic experiences of playing Minecraft.

I suggest that you check out Part #1 (about Flipnote Studio/Hatena) here and Part #3 (about Pokemon) here.

Thanks for reading, seeya!


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