Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Version 1.1 Developer Diary #10

Welcome to the tenth installment in this Developer Diary! If you haven’t checked out the previous (smaller) installment of this Developer Diary, then you should definitely check it out here. Now, with that out of the way… This is gonna be a big one.

I’m gonna split this installment of the Developer Diary up into three parts: “New Areas/Features”, “Progress Towards a Release”, and finally “Release Date of the Alpha Version of 1.1”. I’m very excited to talk about the new ideas and old areas I’ve been working on.

New Areas/Features“:

Since the last time I gave an update, I began working on a brand new area called “River Haverna” (what a creative name /s). It is placed between Lake Haverna and the Water Temple, and it will be fleshed out much more in V1.2 (way down the road). River Haverna is made of two parts: the Flood Plains and the Path to the River Source. The Flood Plains are the main thing that will be improved in V1.2 because it will be related to a couple side quests for that version. While it won’t be included in V1.1, a new area will be added in V1.2 called “Reten Island”. This island  will contain an arena-like place that will reward the player for each different arena that is cleared (work has not even begun on Reten Island or the Flood Plains’ side quests, however).

Flood Plains:

I have also finalized Lake Haverna, and it isn’t quite as interesting as it once was planned to be (it was originally planned to contain the arena-like area that will be located on Reten Island, but that idea was not possible as the areas in the map began to overlap with each other), but it also takes part in a side quest and is there to help fill out the atmosphere of the map.

Lake Haverna:

There’s obviously not quite as much to show besides this one overhead view, but that’s how it will be for the time being.

Also, as a note, since I have no idea if I’ve mentioned it here, I’ve begun naming things in the map with diverse and fitting names. The village that you start in the game is now called “Coast Fount Village”, rather than “Starting Village”. I’m typically horrible with naming things, and that’s why I have put off naming things until now

Lake Haverna, Coast Fount Village, and the Flood Plains next to each other:
Progress Towards a Release“:

As for the full Version 1.1 experience, I cannot really give an answer as to when it will be ready. Most of the stuff I must finish before a release is going to happen is actually stuff that will be included in the Alpha, but there will be much more complex structures and dungeons in the second half of the map, which would heavily slow down anyone who wants to play a heavily remixed and refined version of the original map. Most of the map that is left to finish are the dungeons (and, notably, a new area before the Sky Temple), and they have already been planned out (just not yet built) with the exception of new additions to the first dungeon and two certain mini dungeons- one early in the map (which is meant to reward the player early on with a Minecraft 1.9 shield, but I have no idea when 1.9 will be released) and another later in the map (which is able to be seen in almost any area of the map, which makes its incomplete status very troubling for the map). There are also small story-related areas in the map, which I do not want to spoil whatsoever, that are busy being built.

Release Date of the Alpha Version of 1.1“:

I can only say…

*drum-rolling intensifies*

May 31st, 2016 is the planned release date for the Alpha Version of V1.1.

Yes, it’s quite a ways away, but the full Version 1.1 experience will most likely follow suit not too long after (however, that doesn’t mean that there will be no difference between the Alpha and the full version in the first half of the map). Also, I just realized that I passed the one year mark in terms of development time between V1.0 and V1.1… hopefully the Alpha will give you at least a small taste of the many improvements that I’ve made and of the complete overhaul of most areas.

[EDIT: May 31st has grown to be a bad date for the release of the map for me, mainly because of my school finals being right next to the release date and other personal stuff happening lately. I’ve made a great deal of progress in completing the alpha parts of the map, and… I honestly might have been able to pump the alpha version out by May 31st, but I felt as if I was rushing certain things. For now, I shall link you to a new Developer Diary that will explain more of the progress I’ve made on the map (as soon as I’m able to make the post first).]

Whew, that was a lot that I had to get out. Hopefully, at least one person is excited for the new areas and such that I’m adding and all of the major improvements that I’ve made. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I will be occasionally updating you all with more Developer Diaries between now and May 31st. Seeya!


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