Top Fifteen Best The Legend of Zelda Boss Battle Themes

Hello! Welcome to my return to this blog (ignoring adventure map developer diaries)! I’d like to start back out fresh with a list that I personally have been dying to make for… pretty much my entire gaming career.

The Legend of Zelda series is known for its amazing music despite all odds, and its boss battle themes are no exceptions! Because of the multitude of amazing boss battle themes, I will be including a maximum of three songs per game (so that games like Wind Waker or Skyward Sword don’t dominate this list). Any songs that I think could have made it onto the list, had it not have been for this limitation, I will add a honorable mentions section before first place, and I’m sure there will be quite a few cuts I’ll make by then… I’m considering every game in the franchise (except for the CD-i games of course), and I will be providing links to each theme so that you can listen to them for yourself! As always, this list reflects my musical taste and own opinions, and most songs I place in this list are very close to each other in terms of positioning in this list.

Also, here’s the obvious SPOILER WARNING!

Without further ado, lets get into my personal top fifteen favorite Legend of Zelda boss battle themes!

15: Kalle Demos (from TLoZ: Wind Waker/Wind Waker HD)

Original Wind Waker (GameCube) version of this theme.

Remaster Wind Waker HD (Wii U) version of this theme.

This theme plays when you fight the boss at the end of the Forbidden Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. This theme definitely fits fighting a blue, purple, and white electrical plant that tries to crush you with its vines. In all seriousness, however, I really find this track to be insanely catchy.

14: Versus Linebeck (from TLoZ: Phantom Hourglass)

This is a very well crafted track that fits the tone of Phantom Hourglass very well. It gives the feeling of urgency that should be present in a boss battle (especially the final boss), and it is pretty catchy too. Sadly, this is one of the few tracks from Phantom Hourglass that I enjoy to listen to often, but it is still a great track from a (in my opinion) great Zelda game.

13: Cragma (from TLoZ: Spirit Tracks)

This theme has so much rhythm and force packed into it, all by the wonderful video game music composer Toru Minegishi (who has done the music for several Zelda games now including Spirit Tracks, Twilight Princess, and more). This is actually the normal boss theme for Spirit Tracks, except for a much more rhythmic feel because of the piano and drums (to fit the volcanic boss setting of course). A wonderful, catchy tune for a (in my opinion, once again) great handheld Zelda game.

12: Majora’s Wrath (from TLoZ: Majora’s Mask)

There was a lot building up to the final boss of Majora’s Mask. You got the moon about to crash into the world, the ability to set time back by three days, and a magical, demon-possessed mask being used by a forest imp, who just wants to have friends. This theme is very catchy and also fits very well for what it’s used for.

11: Byrne Fight (from TLoZ: Spirit Tracks)

I have good things to say about this track of why I like it so much somewhere deep down in my mind, but I just can’t recreate the feeling of this track in words necessarily. All I can say that this track is insanely catchy and is one of my favorite tracks from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

10: Puppet Zelda Fight (from TLoZ: Twilight Princess)

I personally find this track to be very well made for what you’re up against. The feeling of “Yeah! I gotta beat this boss, but… Uhh… I can’t hurt this boss too much though, because- that’s Zelda! I- I can’t hurt Zelda…” is residing in this music track. Most music from Twilight Princess has a good sense of urgency already, but I find most other boss themes from the game to almost be “too urgent” and not the most catchy music in the game (mainly being the boss themes for Diababa, Morpheel, and Armogohma). This track, however, is one of the most catchy songs in the game, and I like it very much.

9: Demise Fight Phase 2 (from TLoZ: Skyward Sword)

The urgency in this track for it being the final boss in a game where you already thought maybe you were about to beat the game several times throughout playing it is quite fitting indeed. It’s also insanely catchy and is one of my personal favorite music tracks from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

8: Scaldera/Tentalus Fight (from TLoZ: Skyward Sword)

If there was ever a fight in a Zelda game where you could fight a giant molten rock (with the usual Zelda staple: an eye) while on a slope, and you needed to toss bombs at it in order to not die, then this track would fit perfectly… Except for that’s what this theme is used for (and also Tentalus, but it doesn’t really fit him). Also, if you thought this sounded good… Listen to the theme that plays when they’re vulnerable:


7: Molgera (from TLoZ: Wind Waker/Wind Waker HD)

Original Wind Waker (GameCube) version of this theme.

Remastered Wind Waker HD (Wii U) version of this theme.

For me (and for others), this theme has stuck out for many people as being one of the most unique boss themes in the whole Zelda franchise. The “chicka-chicka-chicka” of the maracas in the background of this tune is a defining factor of this tune, and this theme wouldn’t be the same without it. Also, the rhythmic feel of the instruments and the catchiness of this track is why I like it so much.

6: Koloktos/Moldarach Fight (from TLoZ: Skyward Sword)

This boss theme is literally Super Mario Galaxy plus The Legend of Zelda combined together to make an amazing track that makes it satisfying to absolutely destroy Koloktos with his own freaking arms (and I guess Moldarach too). Once again, this track is extremely catchy and deserves a listen.

5: Fyrus Fight (from TLoZ: Twilight Princess)

Usually, I expect the boss theme for the second dungeon boss in a Zelda game to not be overly epic. Most of the time, you’re just fighting a more difficult enemy than the previous boss… But that’s not the case with the Fyrus boss battle. He’s actually incredibly easy to beat (even more so than the first boss), and this theme may not entirely fit the setting and tone of the boss, however I still think this is one of the best and most catchy music tracks in Zelda history.

Now we’ll get into some of the most amazing boss fight themes of all time...

4: Beast Ganon Fight (from TLoZ: Ocarina of Time)

This is the very definition of a music track from a video game that has emotion packed behind it, although somewhat subtly if you don’t realize it. At the climax of a game where you, the hero that is supposed to save the whole world, must defeat one last foe that created the need for a hero in the first place and started this downward spiral that brought the land under his dominion. You are surrounded by a ring of flames, the remains of a shattered castle around your feet, and a beast that has only one sole purpose left for the rest of its existence: to destroy the hero. You are weaponless (unless you have the Biggoron Sword of course, and you’ll have the Megaton Hammer by now anyway along with Light Arrows), and your friend is on the outside of the ring of fire, waiting for your victory. This is the kind of boss theme that fits this scenario perfectly. Nothing else could have fit more than this. Thank you, Koji Kondo, for a great music piece in a classic video game.

3: Ganondorf Swordfight (from TLoZ: Twilight Princess)

This theme is amazing. It captures what I really love about any final boss battle in the entirety of Zelda. This track gives such a sense of urgency (which Twilight Princess is especially good at doing with its music). Being the final boss of Twilight Princess, Ganondorf is packing a bit of difficulty this time around (unlike OoT, Wind Waker, or any other appearance he’s had as final boss). This theme fits this setting and is insanely catchy once again. Toru Minegeshi is one of the greatest video game music composers of all time, and the gaming industry wouldn’t be the same without him. Sometimes, I only pick back up games because of their soundtracks alone. This was the case with Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, Phantom Hourglass, etc… If it weren’t for these amazing soundtracks, I may not have came back to play each game again.

2: Ganondorf Fight (from TLoZ: Wind Waker/Wind Waker HD)

Original Wind Waker (GameCube) version of this theme.

Remastered Wind Waker HD (Wii U) version of this theme.

While #3 on this list may have been one of the main reasons why I love Zelda final boss battle theme, THIS track is the defining factor of what a final boss theme in ANY video game should strive for. The setting is tense too: your on the top of a Ganon’s Tower, the sea above is flooding down onto the kingdom below, Zelda is knocked out cold on the floor next to you, and you can’t defeat Ganon no matter how hard you try. After awhile, Zelda regains consciousness, and she starts firing light arrows at Ganondorf in vain. Ganondorf dodges each arrow valiantly, and continues his deadly approach toward Link. Zelda cries out to Link to reflect the light arrows back at Ganondorf off of Link’s Mirror Shield. Zelda shoots the arrow at Link’s shield, it reflects back toward Ganondorf, and he’s caught off guard! Link hastily approaches Ganondorf and thrusts his sword into Ganondorf’s head (after some flashy sword-work), and Ganondorf is defeated. This lets you picture in your head of how epic this tune really is when coupled with the source game’s setting and scene. Also, this is an insanely catchy music track, and really goes to show how Nintendo’s musical composers can make amazing music inside of video games.

Honorable Mentions:

Puppet Ganon (Snake Mode) from TLoZ: Wind Waker and the remastered HD version.

Majora’s Mask Boss Battle theme from TLoZ: Majora’s Mask (3D in this case, although only for higher sound quality)..

Ganondorf Battle theme from TLoZ: Ocarina of Time.

Twilight Princess Mini-Boss theme from TLoZ: Twilight Princess.

Final Ghirahim Battle theme from TLoZ: Skyward Sword.

Malladus Phase 1 from TLoZ: Spirit Tracks.

Phantom Ganon Fight from TLoZ: Wind Waker and the remastered HD version.


1: Malladus Fight Phase 2 (from TLoZ: Spirit Tracks)

Aha, Toru Minegeshi! I see that you’ve struck back with one of your Zelda themes once again on this list of mine. This theme. Is. Amazing. Not only is it practically made up entirely of the main theme for Spirit Tracks, it starts with a bit of Zelda’s Lullaby too. Everything about this track is amazing. It’s catchy, it pretty much recaps the entire adventure in one about two minute period, and it is currently my favorite final boss theme of all time, and my favorite Zelda boss battle theme of all time… Although… You should really check out this video for the combination of all musical parts of this epic final boss sequence:

And with that… WHEW, I finally finished this list… This was insanely hard to make because of all the amazing LoZ boss battle themes being amazing in my book. If you haven’t already, I suggest playing all of the games of which the music on this list belongs to, just so that you can see for yourself how well all of these themes fit, and why they’re so great.

Thanks for reading my top fifteen list of the best Zelda boss battle themes! I very much so appreciate feedback on my writing style, what I can do to improve, or maybe even your own favorite Zelda boss battle theme! My next post will be a review of Super Mario Maker for the Wii U, and I’m hoping to publish it around Friday. Once again, thanks for reading, seeya!

[DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the music contained in these video games, and I do not take credit for uploading these tracks either. All credit is due to their respective owners.]


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