Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Developer Diary #8

I’ve got a LOT of new stuff to talk about today! If you haven’t read the previous developer diary, I suggest checking it out here! Without further ado, let’s get started!

So, I’ve been working on a lot of things to make the map feel more like a Zelda game. I don’t feel comfortable revealing everything right now, but I want to reveal the obvious things first. For one, there is a brand new hub area, dubbed “Haverna Field”. It has some enemies to fight in it (although not too many, because you need to go here earlier in the game), and it has some secrets in it too, some of which are very helpful. However, I’m currently waiting until Minecraft 1.9 before I lay out what secrets are going where, as I will most likely include several shields and such in the map as secrets (but probably one shield that you can get easily in the beginning of the map). Haverna Field links together the Seashore, the Forest, the area near the “Starting Village” (Yes, I still need to give it a proper name, along with several other areas), Castle Town, and a cave that leads to something that I’ll talk about in a later developer diary. You can find multiple pictures of Haverna Field right here (keep in mind, however, this isn’t the final product, and it is likely to change somewhat):
I’ve started making a new area inside of the Forest, called the “Reversal Woods”, which is your typical Lost Woods-type area. Inside of the Reversal Woods, you can find a brand new Forest Temple and some other secretive things. However, I’ve only begun working on it, so I’ll only be able to show you a small bit of it right now along with some pictures of the Forest area:
And with that, I don’t have pictures left to show! However, I’m still going to be talking more about the map itself and why I’m making it.

I wanted originally to make this map because of a YouTuber named Batclone, who was doing a “Amateur Adventure Maps” series at the time. I had never made a Minecraft map before, so I decided to take a dive and attempt something decent. My first attempt at an adventure map that I had never really done before. He inevitably stopped doing the adventure map series before I completed my original version of the map, so I stopped working on it for a long time. However, I picked it back up around mid-2014, and I started making plans for an actual release that more than one person would play. That’s where V1.0 came into play, but it retained most of the same builds from when I was originally trying to rush the map out for a map series. I released the map in February 2015, and I almost immediately started working on V1.1, which is the same version I’m working on now. Seven months later, and I’ve practically remade the entire map. Whilst V1.0 was my incomplete thought, V1.1 will be what I truly want the map to be: A Zelda-game’s experience with a couple twists. I’m still planning for around a Halloween release date, but I have a feeling that it may be pushed back into mid-late November to early-December, primarily because of the dungeons, which I will be working on last.

This is going on kinda long for my usual developer diaries, so I will be ending this edition of the developer diary here. I hope you enjoyed reading this edition of the developer diary for my upcoming update for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces, seeya!


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