Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Developer Diary #7

WOW. I sure kept my promise of releasing posts on this blog regularly right? No. I got lazy, and I neglected to fulfill my planned schedule… And didn’t I say that I was going to be returning with a review of Splatoon or Terraria like a month ago?! Well… Anyway, serious talk aside, welcome back to this new edition of the developer diary for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces, and, by the way, this just so happens to be the 50th post on this blog! (I’m planning for a 1 year blog anniversary special though for October.) A lot has changed since the last developer diary inside of the map, and now I’m DONE with planning what areas I want to include in the new version of the map. Before, I kept adding new things constantly without even thinking them over, and that’s what kept pushing the map back all the time. However, I got back on track and I’m currently working on pretty much revamping every single aspect of the map to be refined to where I will be satisfied. The map is going to feel more like a Zelda game now, and I’ve been replaying most 3D Zelda games to remember what made each game so special. I liked Ocarina of Time for its epic feel, Majora’s Mask for its emotion and side quests, Wind Waker for the freedom to explore, Twilight Princess for the dungeons and memorable characters, and Skyward Sword for the… Umm… Okay, I’ll be blunt: I haven’t even played Skyward Sword all the way through once yet, and actually I’m only just half-way through Twilight Princess so… Yeah. One thing that I’m doing in the map is re-texturing certain items to make the story not be distracted by things like “Oh, this legendary blade is just an iron sword”, and so that things will look better in general. In terms of revamping the map how I said before, I’m working on designing a sky dungeon and make use of Slime Blocks to fall and jump between rooms in an open air environment, giving a treacherous and memorable feel to at least one of the dungeons in the map. In the next developer diary, I’ll talk more about things that I’m doing currently, but for now, here’s a plethora of pictures from the map:





There are more things that I’m working on that I’m not ready to show yet, so keep that in mind. Tune back into this developer diary in succeeding editions to see what I’m working on the map at the current time. Also, I’m still working on reviews and such, but I’m focusing most of my priority on this map, so that I can maaaaybe get the map update released near Halloween, but I can’t promise anything. Thanks for reading, seeya!


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