Gunpoint (PC) Mini-Review

Welcome to my Mini-Review of Gunpoint for PC! If you don’t know about my series called “Mini-Review”, it’s where I take the most basic elements in the game (a brief introduction, gameplay, performance/graphics, and ambiance), and I judge them according to my particular tastes, which may or may not be agreed with. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Brief Introduction:

Gunpoint was released back in June 2013, but I only came across it when it was included in a Humble Indie Bundle in late 2014. To say the least, when I saw this game, my interest for it was indelible. I was strangely infatuated towards this game that I knew almost nothing about, and I couldn’t resist from buying this game (along with some other games of course). I was taking a small risk by buying a game that I knew almost nothing about, but I was sure that I would receive my money’s worth and then some. I wasn’t wrong…


First off, this game is a 2D stealth platformer. For the most part, it’s simple, it works, and it was fun through most of the game. However, there are 2 or 3 mild-medium problems that I have with this game, but I’ll cover those later. In Gunpoint, you can rewire almost anything, and it feels dang satisfying when I can set up everything to work according to plan and sneak past every guard in a level. That’s my favorite thing about Gunpoint: you can play each level exactly the way you want it (when it allows) and still complete the game with ease, which extends the replay value for the game heavily for me. I’m currently on my second playthrough of this game, but it’s still just as enjoyable as the first time. My first problem with the game, however, is that it’s just too short to justify a $9.99 purchase for the game when it’s not on sale. I’m the kind of person who likes to take his time with levels and find everything and rewire everything (for no reason, mind you), and I clocked in 5 hours total playtime after my first playthrough (which is already 3 hours over the average playtime). Besides that, however, the levels in the game could all be made in the game’s level editor, but they still have some pretty nice layouts in certain levels. Speaking of which, the level editor in this game is actually pretty good. It never felt like I was missing out on certain level features just because I was given a poorly designed level editor with limited features. Overall, the gameplay is pretty good. It’s very short, but the level editor somewhat makes up for that.


In terms of performance, the game runs completely fine on my decent laptop, and I never experienced any sort of frame drop. In terms of graphics, I think the game looks pretty good for the style it’s going for, but a lot of the levels look the same sometimes, since they’re all set in the same environment with the same “materials” used for each building that you break into. Obviously, that complaint is more so of a nitpick, but it is my review, and I do feel obligated to share my opinion.  Anyways, it looks nice, but some of the stuff looks a little bit like the same thing from before.


In terms of music, it’s nothing special. In fact, some of the songs sounded almost exactly the same to me. Sometimes, I almost felt like it was the same song playing all the time. In terms of writing, I thought this game had some pretty hilarious writing at times. Sure, it’s not Oscar worthy, but it does its job and makes me laugh while doing it. Also, you can choose what to say most of the time, and you can be a normal logical person or a borderline psychopath depending on what you respond with. Overall, it does its own thing well.

Final Remarks:

Overall, I’m glad I purchased Gunpoint, albeit for around 50 cents when you compare it along with the other games in the Humble Indie Bundle I got it from. I think it’s an underrated games in terms of gameplay, but it does have its own share of problems that I can mostly ignore besides the length of the game. With all of that said, I honestly think that this game deserves a 7 out of 10. The extremely short length is my main problem with the game, but it does have a decent amount of replay value and a level editor, so I’ll forgive the length at least partially. Despite that, I played this game practically non-stop during my playthrough, and I can recommend it for people who love both platformers and stealth games.

Thanks for reading my Mini-Review of Gunpoint! I had a ton of fun writing this review, and I’m still striving to find my specific style of these reviews (although I like this style a lot, I may improve it).
If you feel like sharing your own opinion about this game, feel free to do so! Thanks for reading, seeya!


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