Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Developer Diary #5

Hello! Welcome to the second week of this developer diary series for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces! If you haven’t checked out the last developer diary, you can find it here! With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Since last Friday, I’ve worked on some stuff in the map for a bit, and I decided to do a quick video showcasing one of the mechanics in the map (specifically the mechanic that keeps you from entering the main part of the Desert).

As you can see, you enter the main portion of the Desert, and you start dying from “heat stroke” (which is Wither 255, Slowness 3, and Nausea). Since I promised that there would be more screenshots today, I decided that I would go ahead and showcase what I have so far in the Desert:

The passageway that comes from the Canyon Town and goes into the Desert.

The “Desert Tour-Guide” and the entrance to the Desert on the right.

An early version of the entrance to the Oasis, which has somewhat of a savannah theme.

With those screenshots and the video out of the way, I guess I’m going to start talking about the possible release date for the update of the map that I’m currently working on. My original release date for this map was around May 15th-31st, but I’ve fallen short of that by a lot. For now, the release date is TBD (to be determined), because I’m kinda tired of making release dates for myself that I know I won’t be able to keep. My personal guess of when I’ll be done with the map is sometime around late August to late November, which is a wide release possibility window, but I might need that for now. To be honest, the main reason why I keep falling short of my self-set release dates is because I keep finding things that I can improve, which is a good thing in my opinion. I’ve changed in the map since I released the first version back in February, and I feel like the changes I have made are for the better, rather than worsening the map. For now, here’s a “checklist” of things I still need to complete before I release the update for the map that I’m working on now:

Finish the Snowlands
Finish the Desert
Finish Lake Haverna
Finish the (new) Water Temple
Finish “The Well” dungeon
Finish improvements to the Stone Temple (which is the first dungeon in the map)
Finish various secret areas in the map
Refine some redstone
Do some various improvements

So far, that’s all that’s left, but I might decide to add even more things. So, you never know. I think that’s all I can muster out for a single developer diary today, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more. Thanks for reading, seeya!


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