Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Developer Diary #4

If you haven’t already read the third edition of this developer diary, which link back to the other developer diaries as well, please click this link right HERE to be sent to the third edition of this developer diary. Without further ado, here’s the fourth edition of the developer diary for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces:

So, for the past day or so, I’ve been working on a new dungeon in the map, which I had already previously announced once before, but I’m now giving you a sneak peak at the details about this dungeon. I am working on a dungeon called “The Well”, which is very much so like the well dungeon from TLoZ: OoT. Much like the dungeon from OoT, this well is supposedly “haunted” by “mysterious evil spirits” lurking inside. You are tasked to “cleanse” this well from evil spirits by a new character that I added into the map, called the “‘Creepy’ Mountain Blacksmith”. I know right, such a unique name (sarcasm…). This “Creepy” Mount Blacksmith is how you gain access to the most powerful armor in the map, and he has a slightly important story role in the map too. He gives you 4 different missions for the armor of the “Great Hero” (slightly OP diamond armor, but I’m planning on making it so that you practically need it for the last dungeon in the map), and each mission requires some skill. One of the missions is to complete “The Well”, and another is to complete the final challenge in a arena type place. Once you collect all of the pieces of armor, you are given some wisdom by the “Creepy” Mountain Blacksmith, but, once again, I won’t talk about any spoiler related elements on this developer diary series. The place where the Creepy Mountain Blacksmith resides, Mount Olrin Path (I know, strange name for a mountain, but it’s the best I could come up within the two second time frame that I was panicking to come up with a name for it), is not going to be fully included in the current update of the map I’m working on, but it will be included in the next big update for the map that I will release later this year. Now, more on that “arena-type place” I was talking about earlier. The Arena (I know, such an original name, right) is this place, and you unlock 10 challenges inside of The Arena by completing certain milestones in the map. The final challenge in The Arena will require you to have finished each prior challenge to access, and it will require all of the skills gained during the map.

The last thing I want to talk about, in terms of misc. stuff, is the Mining Facility mini-dungeon. It’s supposed to be an optional “dungeon” and short, but I’m planning on changing that in the smaller update of this map after the one I’m currently working on.

Well, that appears to be everything that I need to catch you all up to speed about! The next edition of this developer diary will focus on more specific things in the map, like specific areas inside the Desert or Snowlands. Also, just as a small note, every developer diary that I post on a Monday will have a screenshot or 2 (or 3, 4, so on…), so make sure you stay on the lookout for the next developer diary! Also, I’m not going to be posting anything this Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for reading, seeya!


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