Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces (Minecraft Adventure Map) Developer Diary #3

If you haven’t read the previous second edition of this developer diary, please read it HERE (and that edition also leads back to first developer diary if you haven’t read that either). Without further ado. here’s the third edition of the developer diary for Golden Continent: Rise of the Dark Forces.

Man, it’s hard to think that I’m already on number three of these developer diaries. Anyways, like I promised last time, I’m going to talk about the Seashore region in the map (which, honestly, doesn’t really look like a Seashore, but it’s how I envisioned it anyway I guess). The Seashore is probably my least favorite area I’ve built in the game, as it kinda feels un-creative to me for some reason. The first version I released of the map had a very shallow side-quest to reach the then-unfinished dungeon in that area, but I’m planning on fixing that by adding a new section of the Seashore, which is somewhat reminiscent of Meteor Falls from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Anyways, this area is a lot shorter than any of the other areas, since the dungeon in this area, the Pirate Shipwreck, is pretty short too (in fact, the section reminiscent of Meteor Falls might actually be longer than the Shipwreck by the time I finish it).

I actually don’t have much more to say about the Seashore, but I can go ahead and talk more about the Snowlands, since I barely talked about it in the first edition of this developer diary. The Snowlands is supposed to be a land that was suddenly frozen over one day because of a “mishap” in the factory in that region, which somehow caused a freezing cold air to be generated by the factory, freezing nearby places. The people in the same village as the factory had to evacuate very quickly into a nearby shelter and abandon their homes and their village. You must go into the nearby “Ice Cavern” to retrieve the key to the village, because, who wouldn’t hide the key to a village in a freezing cold cave? … No one? Okay then. There’s some more story elements about the freezing cold air and the factory itself in the map, but, as I stated on the first edition of this developer diary, I won’t be talking about spoiler elements much, so no spoilers here. One more good thing to point out about the Snowlands is the “Frozen Village Refugee Center” nearby the abandoned village, which is really only for story purposes, rather than any secrets and stuff. Although, I am planning to add some special things into the “Refugee Center” because it kinda feels a little empty right now, but I might add those things in the next update after the one I’m currently working on.

Now that I’m done catching you guys up to speed on the different new areas in the map, I’ll start to talk about some misc. stuff before I start trying to make any developer diaries about more specific things. Those misc. things will have to be in the next edition of this developer diary that comes out tomorrow, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

P.S. Also, for those wondering, I’m not planning on releasing a review this Friday, because I’ve just been too busy this week with certain projects that I’m working on and with life in general. Next week, however I’ll try to possibly come out with a review of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, so stay tuned for that as well! 😉


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