Pokemon Shuffle Mini-Review

Hello, fellow gamers! Welcome to my series called “Mini-Review” where I do a short and concise review of a game that I’ve been playing a lot recently and that I think needs a review but not a very long review. Without further ado, here’s my Mini-Review of Pokemon Shuffle!

Brief Introduction:
First off, Pokemon Shuffle is very much so a “freemium” game, meaning that paying money isn’t necessary to win, but it helps so much that it mine as well be practically necessary, to be honest. Pokemon Shuffle is a lot like other freemium “Match 3!” games, but the main difference is that it has a Pokemon catching element in the game, which can be a REAAAAL pain sometimes with trying to catch certain Pokemon, which i will discuss more of in the “Gameplay” section of this review. With that brief introduction out of the way, let’s move on to the presentation of this game.

This game looks pretty nice for its art-style, and I think it more so resembles Pokemon X’s art-style in the character art, but the actual gameplay itself looks more like Pokemon Trozei. This game seems to be located in… Some region in the Pokemon universe, but it’s probably not important, as it starts in a very “French” environment and immediately turns into a Arabian bazaar in the next area selection. Kinda strange if you ask me. Obviously, the performance isn’t really deserving its own section here, so let’s go ahead and move on to the gameplay.

Oh dear… So this is going to be the longest section in this review because of some problems I have with this part of the game. First off, as I said above, this game is a “freemium/Match 3!” game for the 3DS. For the 3DS. FOR THE 3DS!!! Why, Game Freak, would you go out of your way to create a game that SHOULD BE on smartphones on a handheld console?! I mean, even though this was probably in development before Nintendo announced their mobile phone game plan, Game Freak has ALREADY released smaller Pokemon projects on smartphones, so why does this have to be an exception?! *Whew* Well, at least that’s not a very big gripe on the game for me, and it doesn’t technically pertain to the final score of this review, but. still, it’s a missed opportunity for Game Freak and Nintendo not to have released this on smartphones. With that out of the way, as I’ve stated before, it’s a “Match 3!” game, which pretty much are all the same with incredibly minor differences. Except, this game has a Pokemon catching mechanic in it, which means that it actually has a somewhat decent difference in relation to other “Match 3!” games (and the Pokemon you catch can be used to aid you in “battle” against other Pokemon). It’s a nice touch overall, but most Pokemon have way too low of a catch rate to actually catch them… But, if you practically want to be guaranteed that you will catch a Pokemon, you can always just… Buy… A… Great Ball… And that’s what I mean by it not needing to be necessary to pay for things, but it’s practically necessary because they make things a ton harder without them. As another note, you only have 5 “hearts” in your “heart meter”, that refills every 30 minutes, to be able to play levels, which is really annoying if you’re trying to catch a specific Pokemon on a certain level… Or you can just pay some money for gems to refill your heart meter and catch that Pokemon in one battle by buying a Great Ball! … Ugh… I really don’t like freemium games… Anyways, I’m going to have to wrap this section up, because I need to move on before this gets turned into a full review because of this section alone…

To be honest, the music in this game is really nothing special at all. In fact, the most I can really say about the music is that each piece fits its respective area in the game. Yep, that’s about it.

Last Remarks:
To be honest, Pokemon Shuffle should have been made on smartphones instead of the 3DS, but I won’t deduct any score from the game for that. What I WILL subtract some points for is the complete necessity to pay money to advance in the game without having to wait long periods of time before being able to advance again. Overall, I feel as if this game deserves a 6/10 score for being the usual “Match 3!” but with slightly different mechanics.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Mini-Review of Pokemon Shuffle! If you want to request any sort of review from me or say why my opinion on this game was right/wrong, then feel free to say so in the comments on this post. Thanks for reading, seeya!


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