When I See Metacritic User-Reviews… (Random Rant)

Have you ever gone onto Metacritic to see the reviews for a game, and it seems like the user-reviews are much lower than the critic reviews? Have you ever thought that someone could hate a game so much that they thought that a game deserves a 0/10. (as in you had no enjoyment, and a game has no positive factors at all, and that it doesn’t even work.) Or that a game was 100% perfect, and that there are no faults or bugs or errors anywhere, and that it is flawless? It feels as if that’s what at least 70% of the users on Metacritic are like. I see the most-loved user-reviews on Metacritic, and they are almost all “10/10: Flawless in every single way!” Is it even possible for a game to be “flawless”? Even my favorite game of all time, Majora’s Mask, isn’t flawless in ANY way. It may be my favorite, but it just isn’t perfect in any way possible. Sure, you could argue that this is someone’s opinion, but I don’t think a game can be flawless even with opinion…  And the same is still true with the other side. Can a game be SO BAD that it deserves a 0/10? Does any game deserve a 0/10?
Sure, it’s still opinion, but it still is a strange thought. And, the weird part is that most of the actual reviews for these are so lifeless and dull, with basically common complaints like “bad gameplay” or “it just sucked” as if they haven’t even played the game. Which, in my opinion, is the real problem with Metacritic user-reviews. Metacritic should have some sort of check system to make it so that you need to prove that you have a game to be able to review it. (although that would probably be too hard to do without making it a pain to do user-reviews, but people like me would be willing to jump through hoops to have better user-reviews.) But I guess both sides of the user-reviews were made for each other, as the 10/10 and 0/10 usually balance each other out unless the game legitimately deserves a high enough score like a 9 to have its score badly hurt by 0/10.  Also, the more popular a game is, the more 0/10’s it gets than 10/10, so the “balance of 10/10’s and 0/10’s” starts to break apart and leans towards the 0/10’s. Of course, you could just ignore the “balance” and just make a regular review with a regular score, but some people feel the urge to say, “Okay. time to rate the game… How about an 8.8! Oh, that’s not an option? I guess I need to bump it up to a 9! … A 9 is close enough to a 10, so how about a 10!” Oh well, I guess this is just a rant at this point… Anyway, the few reviews I have done on Metacritic aren’t amazing (or good), but at least they touch on the things I did and didn’t like about the game. (there’s always something I didn’t like, even if I don’t say it) Most people just don’t do that…

I hope you enjoyed my Random Rant about Metacritic user-reviews! I don’t mean to “offend” anyone who gives 10/10’s to games that they truly think deserves it. I’ll just assume that you meant a score of a 9.5 or higher since Metacritic doesn’t do decimal scores. If you want more Random Rants, feel free to let me know! 🙂 Seeya!


One thought on “When I See Metacritic User-Reviews… (Random Rant)”

  1. Exactly the reason I don’t review, there is too much obsession with rating a game and less on just experiencing it. However, I know there are a few blogs on here that are trying to tip the scales on to a fairer scale. The problem is, that the user rating are so heavily trolled that you can never get a true baseline.

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