My First Preview for My Minecraft Adventure Map
I originally started this map in like January… of 2013… wow. I often neglect to finish a project as I am nearing the end of it, and I just know that it isn’t enough for what it feels as it should be. It’s the same case as this to be honest. I started back in January of 2013, stopped around the middle of the year, came back to it in mid 2014, stopped again once summer was over, and, finally, just started back on it again. This time, I’m going to finish up the original version of what I felt “wasn’t enough for what it’s supposed to be” before I move on to finishing up the other stuff that I started working on in mid-2014. First version (alpha version) will be released on February 4, 2015, and the “beta” version will be released sometime (most likely) in June or July. (sooner if I can truly figure out how to sit in front of my laptop and keep building and redstoning for hours and hours.) I hope you are looking forward to the map, and I will be uploading it next Wednesday! Seeya!


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