How to Easily Level up Drive Forms in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix

This guide is going to be a convenient mix (I guess you could say it’s a… final mix) of different methods I have found to work for leveling up every Drive Form. I’m not taking any credit for these methods, as I am just putting them together all in one. With that said, let’s get started!

(I recently revised this post with some more clarification and ease of reading. It should be more useful and clear what I mean now.)

Basic Tips:

When leveling certain forms through any Mushroom XIII member, you can, for the most part, go to a save point when your drive gauge is about to run out, and it will refill if you go to the world map while the drive gauge is being used. The loading times in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 might make this more tedious, but it is still a good method in either Final Mix or 2.5.

Valor Form Leveling:
Method 1: (Most Recommended)
After completing Hollow Bastion for the second time
, each member of the Mushroom XIII start popping up across all worlds. One of these is Mushroom V, which is what we are going to be using for this method. Go to the Treasure Room in the Cave of Wonders in Agrabah to find him. Make sure to equip any Combo Plus or Air Combo Plus that you have, and don’t equip any Finishing Plus or Keyblades with Finishing Plus. With that out of the way, activate Valor Form in front of him, press triangle to start his minigame, and wail away at him! Keep wailing away until you kill him (if you’re high enough level) or until your drive gauge is almost gone. When it is almost gone, go to the save point outside the room and go to the World Map. You may now return to the save point again with your Drive Gauge refilled (which is important to remember). Come back and wail on him again and repeat.

Method 2: 
Moderately use Valor Form throughout the entire game. Valor Form is a strange form compared to the others, because it only focuses on number of hits, meaning that it can be leveled up anywhere.

Wisdom Form Leveling:
Method 1: (Most Recommended)
Go to the Timeless River after you have beaten the world, and use Wisdom Form throughout all of the windows and defeat every enemy you see before moving on to the next. You should gain a nice amount of EXP since the enemies are, for the most part, small and easy to take out; if you get through the windows and have some leftover Drive, go to any of the other areas that have enemies in the Timeless River to grind.

Method 2:
Retry the Cave of Wonders’s Challenges (over and over again). They also have some small enemies on some of the levels, and it’s fairly easy to do.

Limit Form Leveling:
There really isn’t a method as where to level up the Limit Form, but certain areas are better to level up in than others. One is to go to Mushroom V (in the Cave of Wonders), and use Sonic Blade/Last Arcanum on a wall or something. Another is to go to The World that Never Was, and use the Limit Form on Fragment’s Crossing near the beginning of the world. Other methods can be used more slowly, for the most part, anywhere.

Master Form Leveling:
Method 1: (What I Prefer)
Go to Yen Sid’s Tower (and make sure you have Sweet Memories in one hand and Wishing Lamp in the other; also, equip any Drive Converters that you may have), and keep going up until you find a room with the Gambler Nobodies (may not be the right name, but you should get the point). Activate Master Form, and go up to the Gamblers and wait for them to have a reaction command called “Begin Game”. When it does this, hit triangle and time it just right to get some munny, which will turn into Drive Orbs with Sweet Memories. Keep doing it, and don’t worry if you miss the O on the Gambler’s Game, because you regain your Drive Gauge when you turn into a dice or card.

Method 2:
Go to the Cavern of Remembrance, and go to the 2nd area in it. you will see two blue floating orbs that contain Drive Orbs. Activate Master Form, and hit these. After that, try to get the one red orb at the beginning of the area. Exit the world while in Master Form, come back to the blue orbs, hit them, then hit the red one, and repeat until you reach your desired level.

Final Form Leveling:
(Tip: Final Form is obtained by using the Two Become One Keyblade, which gives you a 50/50 chance to become Anti-Form or to unlock and use Final Form.)

Method 1: (What I Prefer)
Go to Naught’s Skyway after the Hall of Empty Melodies in TWTNW, and try to defeat the Berserkers and Samurais before transforming into Final Form and defeating the easy-to-kill Creepers. (Killing the other Nobodies first is not necessary by any means, but it gives more time for Final Form to grind the more-abundant Creepers.)

Method 2:
Grind whenever you can at any other place in The World that Never Was or Twilight Town that has Nobodies.

I hope this guide helped anyone who is needing some help with leveling up Drive Forms in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix. Remember to like this post if you enjoyed the convenience, and thanks for reading!


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