Top 5 List of the Best Winter Levels in Video Games

Hello, this is my personal list of my Top 5 Best Winter levels in Video Games (was going to be Top 10, but I got sick, which is why this is a day late too). Note that I have not played every game ever made, and that my opinion probably isn’t the same as yours! Let’s get started!

Number 5: A Christmas Gift from Elite Beat Agents:

The level “A Christmas Gift” from Elite Beat Agents includes a touching story about a young girl and her mother who’s father has left on a trip to somewhere, and the game states that he got into an accident; the daughter and wife miss him very much after this. I won’t spoil the rest of the story/level for you, but I definitely suggest watching the video above.

Number 4: Halloween Town from Kingdom Hearts II:

Despite the name of this level being Halloween Town, that is just merely its world’s name. But, when you play Halloween Town for a little bit, you are able to go to Christmas Town, and you must save Santa Claus! It’s one of my more favored levels in Kingdom Hearts II, as well.

Number 3: Freezeezy Peak from Banjo Kazooie:

This level just so happens to be one of my favorite levels from Banjo Kazooie (minus Treasure Trove Cove), and it has a nice Christmas theme to boot! It contains many Christmas elements like snowmen, a giant Christmas tree, and more.

Number 2: Snowhead from Majora’s Mask:

I am counting the whole area in general for this one! Honestly, Snowhead in general has a very barren and atmospheric kind of vibe unlike the other entries on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve this number 2 spot on this list! There are a lot of things to go through in this area compared to others in the game as well, so that’s another plus!

Number 1: Snowman’s Land from Super Mario 64:

Honestly, I can understand why Cool, Cool, Mountain is praised more in Super Mario 64, more than this levels, because it is much earlier on in the game, and more people have played it because of that. BUT, I cannot deny that Snowman’s Land is an absolutely awesome Super Mario 64 level, and it’s a snow level to boot! The whole atmosphere and missions in the level put it much higher over Cool Cool Mountain for me, especially the igloo.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 List of the Best Winter Levels in Video Games! Stay tuned for tomorrow for the next Christmas upload! (First Impressions on Captain Toad Treasure Tracker!) Feel free to comment about any opinions or questions you have down below. Seeya!


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