Quick Update (And a Bit of Monday Gaming Stuff #4: Mini Edition)

Quick Update:

This is just a quick note and update of what’s been going on and when I’ll be posting my next post and such like that. First off, I’ve been experiencing a bit of “Writer’s Block”, and due to that, have been having a hard time figuring out what to post about. I won’t be posting much more this year, except a special Christmas themed Top 10 List next Sunday, just so I can feel at least somewhat satisfied with my posts this month.

(Mini-Edition:) Monday Gaming Stuff #4:

I recently just started working on a beatmap with osu! on PC. (If you want to know at all what osu! is about you can click here to find the official website) It was really fun to do once I got into it, and it being my first beatmap, it was awkward at first. Hopefully, however, I can improve it enough to be considered for ranking, since I currently have it in the WIP section. (find it here)

I hoped you enjoyed this quick update and mini-edition of Monday Gaming Stuff. Feel free to comment about any questions or opinions of your own down below! Seeya!


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