(Late) Monday Gaming Stuff #2 (including Mini-Review of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U)

Wow, I’ve been a lot busier than anticipated for the last couple days since I have gotten back from vacation. Sorry for not keeping up with my normal daily schedule, but now that everything is back to normal (hopefully…), I will be continuing my daily posts… Anyway, here’s Monday Gaming Stuff #2!

Mini-Review of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U:

Since Saturday, I’ve gotten much more in depth about the game, and I decided that it was time for a review of it, so here we go!


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (will be referred to as SSB4 from now on…) is the next installment of the Smash Bros. series (following Brawl). Brawl was highly acclaimed as well as its previous installment, Melee. Melee is mainly referred to as the best in the series for having the most balanced and fast-paced gameplay in the whole series, but Brawl was called a little slow-paced and “floaty”. (Personally, I think Melee is better than Brawl, but Brawl has the better replay value… )


SSB4 has gameplay mostly as fast-paced as Melee, but it is even more balanced than Melee. SSB4 has many, maaaaaany things for you and your friends to do, such as Smash Tour, Classic Mode, All-Star, Stadium Challenges, Trophy Rush, Target Blast, and more. This game is bursting with content, but I do feel like you needed to really “find” the content, unlike in Brawl, where it was kinda thrown at your face every 2 seconds… Besides that, “Classic Mode” is not really Classic Mode, but it is widely improved over previous installment’s Classic Mode; All-Star is also improved over previous installments, being that it is somewhat of a gaming history lesson in there too; and Smash Tour… eeehhh… I though it was quite boring, and if one person gets lucky one time, sometimes they have the entire match at their fingertips… in other words it’s impossible for them to lose, and by that, I mean that they can keep earning and earning fighters and when they get to the end, they have just waaaaay too many fighters. (btw, the harder AI in this game is REAAAALLY NOTICEABLE…) Amiibos are another feature of gameplay, but I found them to only be okay in this game; I got the Link amiibo, not for smash, but mainly for Hyrule Warriors and just in case Zelda U uses it… SSB4 also has a toooon of challenged for you to tackle, in fact, much more than there were in Brawl, but around half of them are very specific. (such as clear All-Star without healing with items/with a certain character on normal or higher. I could go on and on about the gameplay, but this is a Mini-Review after all…

Music and Sound:

Wow, there’s a LOT of music tracks in this game, and they are all very good… I shouldn’t have to say much for this one, but I will say that the tracks are a lot more diversified than the new tracks in Brawl, where most of the songs were “rocking” remixes of older tracks. (although Final Dest. Brawl is the best track of any of the Smash games for me, because the main theme just worked so well with it, unlike in SSB4, where it feels like they tried to hard to make it epic, when really it just can’t with the material given.)

Graphics and Performance:

Never ONCE, besides online, did I ever have any whatsoever drop in framerate or graphics. It was a solid 1080p 60fps experience ALL THE WAY THROUGH… (And for some reason, we’re trying to make 4K resolution games a possibility on consoles, in a couple generations maybe, when we can barely do 1080p LOL!) As I was saying, the game’s online is not as graphically perfect, but that’s because of the fact that it’s internet lag, not an frames per second issue, because if one person has bad internet in a group of 4, the match is horrible…


Much more stuff to do than in Brawl, and is much more polished in every way. I pretty much mainly talked about length during the gameplay parts, so you can look up there if you need to see that.


It’s the most polished, lengthy, and balanced game in the franchise. I award this game a pretty good score of a 9.6 out of 10. My complaints mainly are that the challenged can be a little too specific sometimes, and that Smash Tour needs some a loooot of tweaking to be anywhere near as good as Smash Run on the 3DS version. (wow, that took awhile to type xD)

Random Thoughts: Counter Strike: Global Offensive money machine (;_;):

Okay, so I bought the Vanguard Pass in CS:GO a week or two ago, and I was worried about getting my money back from my purchase (that’s the true goal of CS:GO, admit it!), and I managed to get a mission, and then finish said mission… I got an AK-47 Black Laminate, and I didn’t think much about it at first, but when I checked the Marketplace sale price… it was around… $9.50… $3.50 more than the Vanguard Pass costed… wow… I was worried about not having enough money for the Steam Fall/Winter Sales, but I guess I don’t have to worry now!

Ping Issues during Online Games:

Well, this isn’t as much related to gaming to be honest, but I just needed to talk about it. My ISP is Comcast, and for the past month and a half, I have been dealing with unending ping issues… BUT only every couple of hours… it’s then where it is nearly impossible to play any online game without much frustration… with a usual ping of 20-50 normally, to a horrible 110-500 ping with this problem… I have basically tried every method available on the internet, such as buying a new modem, buying a new router, connecting directly to the modem, without the modem, inside out the modem, left, medium, easy hard way into the modem… I basically have given up at this point… It’s either that Comcast is being stupid (like always) or I’m being DDOSed… Oh well… At least it I don’t always have ping issues… I still have a chance at getting another expensive weapon in CS:GO… hhehehewhghsergishg….

I hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of Monday Gaming Stuff, if you enjoyed, please feel free to like, follow, or comment about this post. Also, I may be changing my standard daily posts to a bi-daily thing (every other day). Not as a must, but as a sort of expectation, as is that I may or may not post every day, but I will post at least every other day… For example, I probably won’t be releasing anything on Thanksgiving Day, or any other holidays for that matter. Well, Seeya!


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