Metroid Fusion Mini-Review + Update!

Hello! I wanted to do a review of this game because I have very nice memories of this game and because I wasn’t really feeling a post today, but since I have this whole “daily post” thing going on, I decided to really think about what I WANT to review. So, I chose this game! Also, this is half-meant as an update, just to say that: I won’t be able to post anything from November 16-22, because I will be on vacation, but don’t worry, as soon as I get back, I will be full on posting again!

This is my Mini-Review of Metroid Fusion, so, without wasting time, let’s get started!


Metroid Fusion is the sequel to the acclaimed SNES game Super Metroid. The differences between these two are, surprisingly, quite apparent if you’ve played the game. Fusion is more linear, Super is much more “Metroidvania”.

The gameplay in Metroid Fusion is basically the same as Super Metroid; however, as stated above, Metroid Fusion is much more linear than Super Metroid, while Super Metroid had a non-linear, based-entirely-on-exploration vibe.
The atmosphere in Metroid Fusion, in particular, is awesome, especially the new “chase” scenes where you can die in literally 3 hits from a very strong enemy. Part of this new atmosphere that really gets to you, is the brand new story; the story is much more elaborate as an advantage from the linear-ness, and it is much “deeper” than the story in other Metroid games. (Yes, I know I got a little off track from “gameplay”, but oh well.)

Music and Sound:

The music in this game is still as atmospheric/AWESOME as previous Metroid games. The music in this game was primarily done by Minako Hamano and Akira Fujiwara, and the music is so good in every way! (and catchy too!)

Graphics and Performance:
This game looks pretty good for the Game Boy Advance. It’s definitely not the best looking game, but it still is nice to look at. I also never noticed any in-game lag, so that’s nice.


This game isn’t incredibly long or short, but it can easily be beaten in about 6-10 hours your first time through.
This game is very suitable for speed runs and such, but don’t go into this expecting hours and hours of content…
For $7.99 on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U, it’s definitely worth the price!

4th - Metroid Fusion-620x
Overall, this game is about as much enjoyable to me, as Super Metroid was. I also think that the sectors you go to throughout the game are nice and diverse, except maybe the first one… 8.8/10: Very nice and polished, nice bosses, but a little bit short. 

Thank you for reading my Mini-Review of Super Metroid! As stated before the review, I will not be posting anything from this Sunday to the Saturday after that, because I’m going on a vacation. Well, I hope you enjoyed my review, and feel free to comment any of your thoughts, criticisms, or questions below!


3 thoughts on “Metroid Fusion Mini-Review + Update!”

    1. Exactly! xD. The SA-X was nice as suspenseful thing to keep you on your toes, but after what happened with the Metroid breeder thing, I think that it was definitely time to finally finish it off lol (especially since, the first time through you had no idea when you were going to run into the SA-X, but when you do, it just makes you frantic trying to run away. But yeah, any more chases/encounters after that would have made it a bit too predictable and less “spooky” lol)


      1. It was a nice and concise experience, I do however feel it did well in pacing in that when thinking I spent hours in the game, I’d only actually played about half of that. Like other entries in the series I could have finished it very quickly, but I not only enjoyed playing with the controls of the game, exploring for the hidden extras and upgrades added on a decent amount of time.

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