Comparing Games! Ocarina of Time VS. Majora’s Mask

(I still prefer the game that I said in this post, but I was trying to grip for barely reasonable excuses as for why I liked it better. I could do a much more balanced and better job now, which I will do eventually.)

Hello! This is my comparing list between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask! There will be six topics, that will be tested for both games. Let’s begin!

Both games are tested for each category, remember this is my opinion, probably not yours!

Gameplay: They both have the same basic gameplay style, but Majora’s Mask revolves more so around the timer in the game rather than the 7 year time traveling aspect of Ocarina of Time. Honestly, I like the way Majora’s Mask does it more than Ocarina of Time. Majora’s Mask wins this category! (MM +1!)

Creativity: Both games are very creative, but Majora’s Mask does have less dungeons than Ocarina of Time, but they are much more diverse because of that. All of Majora’s Mask’s areas are all unique, and none of them are recycled from Ocarina of Time. Both games win this category for me! (OOT and MM +1!)

Music: Both games are musically speaking, genius. Majora’s Mask borrows a lot of songs from Ocarina of Time, meaning that this is a little bit harder of a topic for me. Ocarina of Time has more original songs and catchier songs than Majora’s Mask, but Majora’s Mask has more “emotional” songs. Honestly, Ocarina of TIme wins this for me! (OOT +1!)
Length: Majora’s Mask is definitely shorter than Ocarina of Time, but Majora’s Mask makes up for a bit of it with its extensive side quests. Ocarina of Time still wins this category though! (OOT +1!)

Dungeons: Ocarina of Time has 8 main dungeons, while Majora’s Mask only has 4. However, I think that the dungeons in Majora’s Mask are much more enjoyable in certain ways than the dungeons in Ocarina of Time, and they felt more challenging some of the time. Majora’s Mask wins this one for me! (MM +1!)

Story: I will be honest, the story in Ocarina of Time is a amazing classic story that makes you feel like the Hero of Time… But, the story in Majora’s Mask makes you feel like you actually care about the environment around you, instead of just going from dungeon to dungeon like in OOT. Majora’s Mask also features a much more original storyline than OOT, considering that OOT’s was basically the original’s story, except with Ganondorf as the main villain instead of Ganon… and, you know, the 3 goddesses and stuff, but that never really felt all to important to me…
Majora’s Mask wins this one for me, by far! (MM +1!)

Overall, I just like Majora’s Mask more than OOT because it just has a much more gripping and serious experience than OOT for me, and I actually cared about the people and places in the game, unlike OOT where I didn’t care at all to see Castle Town ruined after you went ahead 7 years…

Thanks for reading my blog post for the day, and please feel free to comment of any opinions or things I legitimately got wrong in this post! (It helps me to become better!)


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