Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Mini-Review)

(This is a review that I think needs to be expanded upon and revised. I will do so when I get to the final part of my Donkey Kong-a-thon review series.)

Hello! This is my new review style which I will be trying out from now on, which is more of a much quicker review than before, and is much more straight-to-the-point. Let’s begin!


DKC:TF is the successor to DKC: Returns, which was already a fantastic game, but there are a lot more things to Tropical Freeze this time around that there were in Returns.

The gameplay is the standard for Donkey Kong Country games, but comparing it to Returns again, I’m glad that you have an option to not use motion controls now, but it’s still there for those who liked it! You go through 6 main worlds all with vibrant and ingenious level design and great bosses as well. The water levels from the original games are also back now, but with new controls and is very unique to the original ones!

Music and Sound:

OOOOOOOOH BOY, DAVID WISE! The soundtrack for this game is very well done, especially since it’s by the musical mastermind David Wise. All of the tracks fit their own specific areas and they all are extremely pleasant to listen to.

Graphics and Performance:
Graphically speaking, the game is very vibrant in color, and looks very crisp. I never noticed any framerate drops or graphical glitches. (besides the loading screens, which are pretty long) The game runs at 60fps all the time, which is very nice and pretty to look at, and makes platforming a breeze.


This game is a little on the short side, but the actual length of the levels themselves make up for it in a way, and they are much more creative and differentiated than the levels in DKC: Returns. There are, stated above, 6 worlds for you to go through, with about 6-10 levels each. There is also a (SPOILER, Skip to conclusion if you like!) 7th world for you to explore with really tough levels, and after you beat those, you unlock hard mode for your save file.

For me, this game is much more polished and has much more unique levels that Returns had, and the bosses are also much more polished and tougher too! Overall, I give this game a 9/10: A bit short, but it makes up for it with its creativity and polish.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-review of DKC:TF! If you have any thoughts you would like to share, please feel free to comment them down below, and if I made any mistakes or errors on my part with this typing of this review, please tell me, because it makes me better at writing!


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