Top 5 Most Time Consuming Games I’ve Played

(I need to update this list to a Top 10 with some changes. I wouldn’t agree with some stuff on this list.)

Hello, this is my personal top 5 list of the most time consuming games I’ve ever played. Note that, I have not played every game ever made (such as Rollercoaster Tycoon series, etc.), and some games that are probably time consuming, but I have not played much (such as Skyrim, etc.) won’t be on the list either. With those things in mind, let’s get to it!

Number 5: Minecraft OR Terraria

Both of these games are equally addicting for me, but Minecraft has more long-term aspects of coming back to it to build new things and to maybe take on the (2) bosses in the game and maybe even get diamond armor. Despite that, I like Terraria as a game much more, but this isn’t a list about quality, this is a list about ADDICTIVENESS in games, and these both make me play them a lot.

Number 4: Binding of Isaac (or Rebirth, both as addicting for me)
Most roguelike games are very addicting for me, but Binding of Isaac is perhaps the most addicting on for me. But, the recently released BOI: Rebirth, is basically as addicting, but is a widely improved game over the original. The reason why its addicting is because of this: You die, you go back to the beginning… BUT it’s random each time, and you will have good runs and bad runs. In other words, the basic roguelike, but better!

Number 3: Osu! or Elite Beat Agents (a.k.a. Ouendan)
Osu! (and others mentioned above) are all rhythm games, but Osu! is special, because it has online multiplayer, and basically an unlimited amount of songs all made by the community of the game (although, 80% of them are vocaloids).
Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan are both addicting as well, but not as much as Osu!, but EBA and Ouendan both were the inspirations that caused Osu! to be a thing in the first place, so they definitely deserve credit!

Number 2: Garry’s Mod
Hoooooly crap, this game is so addicting! This game is a sandbox game, but with a twist! There are gamemodes such as TTT (Traitors in Terrorist’s Town, which is basically where you try to find a traitor in a group of innocents and (possibly) a detective, and kill them, or you ARE the traitor yourself, and need to take them all out!) and Flood (build a boat out of random props, and then survive being shot by people and then shooting back at those same people).
This is so addicting because of the amount of completely different gamemodes that would normally make up features in full priced games, BUT it’s only $14.99 REGULARLY, and $4.99 or $3.74 on sale, so it definitely is an addicting AND cheap game!

Number 1: CS:GO (or really any first person shooter…)
YES, this game is SO addicting, but what puts it over other FPS’s is the different modes in the game, mainly Competitive Mode. This game, like GMod, is very cheap as well, and is the same cheap price as usual, and the same sale price as well! So if you need to find an extremely fun, addicting, and even challenging game to play, CS:GO is for you!

Thanks for reading my list! Hopefully, if you needed something addicting to play, then maybe you have found it here!
(P.S. Osu! also has a iOS version without the multiplayer or custom maps, but with official maps, but at a price; Osu! ALSO has an Android version that it much more like the original, but without multiplayer.) Please feel free to talk about your most addicted to games that you’ve played or to point out any mistakes I’ve made with the above compostition!


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