5 Things I Hope from the Majora’s Mask 3D remake

Hello! As some of you know, Majora’s Mask is my favorite Nintendo game ever made, and it is also my favorite game of all time! So, I decided to make a list of new features that I hope are going to be in the game when it releases in spring 2015.

Number 5: Improved Bosses


I’ll be honest, while I did enjoy every dungeon in Majora’s Mask, I did not enjoy the bosses as much as I would have hoped… Gyorg is one boss that needs a couple tweaks in my opinion… 1: He can come up behind you when you are in the water, and when the camera won’t let you turn around; 2: He has a really OP attack which mainly results because of the reason above; 3: (More of a nitpick) It’s so easy to mess up trying to hit him when you stun him, and he will immediately chomp on you (OP attack btw).

Number 4: That they keep the same not-as-glitchy N64 release over the Gamecube release.

To be honest, you have no idea how many times MM on the Gamecube has crashed on me during gameplay… Notably, I got to the top of the Stone Tower (outside the actual temple), and I picked up a rock, because I was low on health, and, low and behold, I crashed… from picking up a rock… GG Gamecube…

Number 3: A Master Quest Mode with the same backwardsness of OOT3D.

I think that if they don’t add any new side quests, temples, or areas; I will at least think that they would add a Master Quest Mode akin to OOT3D’s. It would, in my opinion, guarantee a purchase from me.

Number 2: New side quests and masks.

I hope that if they DO add a new Master Quest mode, that they would also add new masks and side quests in the game to make the game even more near perfect… This is unlikely, but it would make me very happy to know that I’m not just playing the same game again with new visuals…

Number 1: New dungeons/areas.

This is the most unlikely thing on this list, but it would be awesome (Admit it!), and it would get rid of the problem of the game not having enough main dungeons in it (which doesn’t really bother me…), and would allow for some new areas in the game as well… Imagine a volcano themed area or a desert themed area in the game, or any other area like that, and I mean ENTIRELY new BIG areas, like Snowhead and the Southern Swamp… (EDIT: Aonuma has said that MM3D has been in development since OOT3D was finished, which means 4 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT BY THE TIME IT COMES OUT… THAT’S MORE THAN THE ORIGINAL GAME HAD! Also, he said that they decided not to talk about it at all until they were sure that they were proud to say that it won’t just be a remake, and will be worth the average person’s time… which means that they’re probably adding new things! Possibly things that I have already stated above!!! P.S. New features confirmed btw, because he said that they will be unveiling new features at a closer-to-release-date time.)

I hope you enjoyed the top five things that I want from the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask! Feel free to comment below about what things you want to be added in Majora’s Mask 3D to make it even more enjoyable for you! (Also, feel free to point out any errors I probably have made…)


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