Top 10 Nintendo Games (My Opinions from 2 years ago)

(This is a list that I no longer agree with in many ways. Also, new games have come out since this list, which could possibly supplant what I do agree with. A new version of this list will come out one day, with my new writing style and opinions.)

Okay, first things first, this list will only include games that Nintendo (or 2nd parties) have worked directly on in some way during development. Please note that I have not played every game ever made by Nintendo, so please understand (see what I did ‘dere? 😉 ) that games (such as Bayonetta 2, Metroid Prime series, or F-Zero GX) that I have not played, will not be on this list. Okay, let’s get this over with! (KEEP IN MIND, MY OPINION, NOT YOUR’S!)

Number 10: Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald


I think that this game formed my early childhood very well, but this isn’t just a nostalgia influenced entry into this list. This game has many positive aspects compared to previous and even current installments in the Pokemon series. One feature that put it above the rest of the other Pokemon games was the region and the Pokemon in the region; Hoenn is amazing in design (despite being my 2nd favorite Pokemon region, with Unova being 1st), and the Pokemon all fit the region and are amazingly designed.

Number 9: Super Metroid OR Metroid Fusion


Both of these games are brilliant in design, and I think that they are the best of the 2D Metroid series, but it’s so hard for me to even think about choosing between them… The atmosphere of both games are near perfect, and they both have great bosses, music, and gameplay. Fusion is more linear of a Metroid game than a Metroidvania game, but because of that, the story is more complex than the usual, “Hi, your Samus, go kill Mother Brain… See you next week in Other M so you can basically do the same thing… even though that’s in between this and Super Metroid…”. BUT, the story in Metroid games doesn’t need to be complex anyway, since the game mainly relies on exploration and a sort of “self-devised, personal” story in a way of what is going on in certain parts without story. Super Metroid is open-world, Metroid Fusion is less open-world, but it still gives you a bit to explore at certain parts. Honestly, I like different things about both games, and I could easily go on and on about these two, but I still have 8 more entries to go through, so just bear with me!

Number 8: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


THIS GAME! It gave me nightmares as a child… (LOL I KNOW I SUCK XD) It gave me nightmares because of that part when you go through the ocean with the creepy music and the rain and then you go to the back of the starting island to blow up dat wall… But that was the only part though, and I had those “Nightmares” because I kept trying to explore even though I already knew where I was supposed to go, and there were cyclones at every island. (P.S. those cyclones still freak me out today…) ANYWAY, this game has AWESOME music and gameplay and the graphics (especially in the HD remake) still look awesome. Btw, it’s at Number 8 because I don’t like the dungeons in this game that much… especially the Wind Temple, BUT I did like the Earth Temple, so at least it has that.

Number 7: Super Mario Sunshine OR Super Mario Galaxy  OOOOOOOR Super Mario 64


WOW, I know, I can’t decide between certain games, but all of these have their own strengths and weaknesses. Sunshine is more challenging than Galaxy 1, but not as challenging as 64, and has a nice variety of overworlds, but not as much as 64. 64 has more oomph and levels than Sunshine, but Galaxy, for me personally, had amazing level design and features… I will be honest, Sunshine isn’t as good as Galaxy or 64, but I don’t want this list to be all dominated by Mario games… or Zelda games… or Metroid games… You get the idea… I guess… I don’t know… don’t judge me…

Number 6: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

This game is the classic SNES game that a lot of people have come to know, but that’s not how I grew up playing it… I experienced this classic on the GBA port of the game, and I think that even though the extra “HAAAAAA!”‘s may ruin it for some people, it didn’t for me… Lemme start of by saying that all of the dungeons in this game (maybe except the Ice one…) are brilliant in every way, and incredibly diverse and lovely. The music is well done, the graphics are nice for the time, and the bosses are very nice (in design, no, they’re still evil!). I didn’t like some of the items really only needing one use in one dungeon in the entire game like the one that summons the block, and I think that there could have been less skeletons in the game… (cuz 2spooky4me brooo… jkjk I’m kidding, but those skeletons ARE annoying though…).

Number 5: Banjo Kazooie OR Super Mario Galaxy 2


Both of these games deserve the Number 5 spot for me, considering that they’re both amazingly done 3D platformers, and that they both are unique to the usual 3D platformer. SMG 2 has much more interesting level design than Galaxy 1, and it is bursting with color at EVERY turn, unlike some of the levels in Galaxy 1 where it was just the void of space and a rock with some enemies on it… Although I do like Spack Junk Galaxy as my favorite Galaxy level. Banjo Kazooie is so amazing, that it basically formed my love of 3D platformers as I was a kid. Every level in the game is bursting with creativity and have amazing music composed by Grant Kirkhope, and it has a great ending boss too, with TONS of creativity that you won’t see in other boss fights…

Number 4: Super Mario 3D World


I LOVE this game so much, and I think that it deserves a lot more praise than it is given. It has (in my opinion) the most amazing level design, music, and gameplay I have ever seen in a 3D platformer, and has very creative bosses in the game as well. I think that the idea of taking the characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 and making the game multiplayer was a GREAT idea, and the fact that they perfected it SO well, really makes me happy… The game was a tiny bit shorter than Galaxy 2 if I’m correct though, but the awesome level design makes up for it 10 times fold…

Number 3: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


I feel like this game is SEVERELY overrated on top games of all time lists, but that doesn’t mean it at least deserves most of its praise. Ocarina of Time has the (imo) best world design of any Zelda game, and the absolute best bosses in Zelda history. The music is awesome as well, and, at the time, the game looked great, and was an amazing conversion of 2D, top-down Zelda, to wonderful 3D. This game is flawed in some ways though, which is what most people fail to realize, but it made it this far onto the list, so it definitely deserved at least most of its overwhelming praise!

Number 2: Rhythm Heaven Series (Tengoku, Gold, and Fever)


HOOOOOLY CRAP, I love rhythm games! But, I didn’t realize this love until I played Rhythm Heaven for the DS, and then expanded out to the other games of the franchise. Tengoku has my favorite levels and regular controls compared to touch and A or B on the Wiimote, Heaven (Gold for sake of possible confusion) has great use of the DS’s touchscreen, and has my favorite extras, and Fever has admittedly awesome controls, but also has the most amount of original levels and features remakes of a few levels from Tengoku… Honestly, these games would be Number 1 on the list if it didn’t feel like I was just starting to get into each game and then it ends, which it does. (In other words, they’re a little on the short side.)

NUMBER OOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


This is why I love games in the first place. Majora’s Mask was one of the first games I played as a kid, and I wrote it off as a weird version of OOT, but later, I played the game again… And I realized that it was my favorite game of all time, and that I was making a mistake by not playing it when I had the original cartridge on the N64. This game (imo) has the best gameplay, music, charm, atmosphere, side quests, creativity, and ability to step outside the normal Zelda formula’s comfort zone into something amazingly new… Never had a game made me feel emotionaly scarred and joyful at the same time… But in all seriousness, I have no complaints other than length about this game, and even then, the side quests make up for it for the most part, and the dungeons in the game are my favorite in the entire series (especially the Stone Tower and Great Bay Temple, despite the fact that it’s very confusing and challenging).
The fact that they just announced a 3D remake yesterday (maybe 2 days ago by the time I’m done typing this) has made me very happy to play my favorite Nintendo game AND my favorite game of all time again in 3D and with enhanced visuals… My only hope though is that they add new things to the game besides the “new” stuff they added to OOT 3D which was just not enough… (At least add a Master Quest OR new masks and along with that, new areas or side quests… please? ;_;)

I hope everyone enjoyed my list of my top ten Nintendo games of all time, and please feel free to comment about your own top ten favorite Nintendo games or to criticize my work in any way you can. (it helps me to be better at this stuff…)


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Nintendo Games (My Opinions from 2 years ago)”

  1. Yeah, I understand why, because those games are still awesome (especially Crystal), but I liked Ruby and Sapphire just a little more than the other ones. (In fact, Crystal would probably be around the Number 14 spot for me.)


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