Hyrule Warriors Review

{Skip the text between the bold sentences (like this one!) to get to the actual review} Hello! This is my first review of any game on my new review blog. I have wanted to review games for a very long time. I got Hyrule Warriors on launch day, expecting a mediocre game. The reason I was expecting a mediocre game was because of review sites like Polygon and GamesRadar. After I have now played this game for more than 25+ hours, (not even half-done yet with Adventure Mode, and I still have DLC to go through when it comes out!) I can safely say that I am VERY satisfied with Hyrule Warriors! Because of this, I felt like I should review this game to say how it REALLY is! (in my opinion–that’s important!) (Okay, review starts now!) 


Hyrule Warriors (Also known as Zelda Muso in Japan) is a Hack-n-Slash, action game (developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja) published by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo for the Wii U. Hyrule Warriors is a crossover between The Legend of Zelda Series and Dynasty Warriors. 


The gameplay in this game, first of all, like other people have said, can be repetitive at times, especially when (primarily in Adventure Mode) you have to replay levels over and over again to beat a level or to get an rank in that level. Despite the repetitiveness, Hyrule Warriors is a very enjoyable and long game (which I will get into later). Hyrule Warriors is like the other Dynasty Warriors games in terms of gameplay, but it features many throwbacks and Zelda mechanics such as big boss battles with bosses such as King Dodongo, Gohma, and Manhandla (Yes, you read that right) where you have to beat a boss with a specific weapon such as a bow and arrow, bombs, or even the hookshot (which makes a somewhat disappointing return, considering that it is really only used for one boss and to reach the top of certain ledges for Golden Skulltulas).Weapons like bombs or the hookshot can be used in the levels themselves to reach certain areas, blow up walls, or in many other ways to obtain Golden Skulltulas. Another thing related to Zelda in this game are music pieces (which can be inspired by pre-existing Zelda tunes, straight up remixes/almost exact copies of Zelda songs, or brand new songs) ,which I found almost all of which EXTREMELY enjoyable to listen to! The characters, for the most part, feel very different; speaking of which, there are currently 13 characters (will be 16 characters in a couple of days when Cia, Volga, and Wizzro are added to the roster, via free DLC) most of which are inspired by Zelda games, such as (obviously) Link, Zelda, Impa, and Shiek; but there are also some Hyrule Warriors exclusive character as well, such as Lana and Cia. There are 14 individual scenarios in the game, including Hyrule Fields, Death Mountain, and Skyloft. These levels are included with story in Legends Mode, which takes you through these 14 scenarios (some of which multiple times, but with different objectives, and they all feel different, and are nicely spread apart from where you first encounter them to feel nice and fresh… sorta) with a nice story (I’ll get into the story later…). I won’t spoil Legends Mode for you, because I don’t like to spoil story/ certain levels for people who don’t want those. Free Mode is Legends Mode, but more multiplayer friendly, and allows you to play every level with whoever you want! (imagine, FIGHTING ZELDA WITH ZELDA!!!) (<- not as exciting as it sounds by the way.) Adventure Mode is where the meat of Hyrule Warriors is; there is a ton of content in Adventure Mode, which takes you through an original Zelda-style overworld map so you can defeat the “Dark Ruler”; Adventure Mode is also where you unlock four of characters, and where you will unlock most of the games new weapons. Adventure Mode is sorta like Legends Mode, but it is much longer, and borrows all of the scenarios and bosses from Legends Mode, but with much different missions and twists, such as a quiz where you need to defeat the right enemy to go on or a level where you need to defeat 300 enemies within 10 minutes (By the way, I hate the times levels where you need to defeat 700 or more enemies in 10 minutes… It feels impossible sometimes, but I think I just suck…). Adventure Mode works on a ranking scale with A being the highest, meaning that to get some awesome weapons / heart pieces, you need to get an A rank, which is where a certain amount of content from the game comes in alone. (and that, my friends, is where the repetitiveness comes in that I was talking about before) With a day one update, Challenge Mode was added into the game, but I only dabbled into it a teensy bit, and I didn’t like it at all… I have no idea why, but it just felt like the most repetitive thing in the game (good thing it’s 100% optional for anyone trying to 100% the game, by the way, if anyone reading this 100%’s the game, O.O I applaud thy persistence.). The Gallery is where you can unlock illustrations (5 total) by collecting Golden Skulltulas (100 in total, 25 needed for each illustration), all of which are in Legends and Adventure Mode. The Bazaar is the in-game shop where you can craft badges to do things,  such as making your Special Attack Meter (a meter that fills up by hitting enemies enough or by collecting “triforce pieces” and allows you to do a super attack) go up much quicker or giving you a bottle for a potion (which, if you know anything about Zelda, makes your health regenerate). The Bazaar also consists of the Training Dojo, Apothecary, and the Smithy. The Training Dojo allows you to level up your characters using rupees, the Apothecary allows you to make potions using materials, and the Smithy which can let you combine weapons with attributes with weapons without. There are a nice amount of controller options for this game, including the Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller, and the WiiMote and Nunchuck, but you must always use the gamepad for one controller in multiplayer, which is a large complaint I have with the game. The basic way that the game works is that you run around, capturing keeps and killing enemies for money, health, “triforce pieces”, and materials (which are used to craft badges and potions, and range from bronze, silver, and gold materials in rareness). Keeps have a health bar that goes down the more enemies that you kill inside that keep, and after you kill enough, a keep boss appears (which is a regular enemy with the words “keep boss” over its head). which you need to defeat to capture the keep. It’s not stated in the game, but I like to classify enemies into four tiers: 1st tier, little grunts. which can go down in one hit with more powerful characters and weapons; 2nd tier, bigger grunts, which take a few more hits to take down, but are usually the standard for keep bosses; 3rd tier, captains, which you can always lock on to, are much stronger than 1st and 2nd tier, and usually have a weak point meter (which appears when the enemy’s guard is down, and can take anywhere from one cycle to go through, to 3 or 4 cycles, considering how unlucky you are, and allows you to do a super attack on the enemy who you are fighting); and 4th tier, big bosses and “little bosses”, little bosses are really more like “super captains” with a much larger health bar, and attack power than previous tiers / big bosses are bosses like King Dodongo, where you almost always need an item to defeat. Also, there are other elements to the game such as Raid Captains, Messengers, and Item Transporters- Raid Captains are 2nd tier enemies that lead a small-medium amount of troops to a keep and take it, if no one is there to stop them, and once they are done there, they keep moving on to take more keeps. Messengers usually go to keeps other than the Enemy Base to call for reinforcements, and Item Transporters go from keep to keep to transport items, then they start to flee when they are done transporting the goods. In most maps, there is an Allied Base and an Enemy Base. The enemy bosses usually reside here, and they command their forced from this keep to go destroy you, but obviously, you can play as the Hero of Time, right? So that must mean that this adventure is a breeze in most cases right? Well, it is on Easy mode, but it gets a bit more challenging on Normal mode, and quite a bit more challenging on Hard mode. But, I there is another difficulty level that I utterly despise, known as Hero mode. This mode, even for skilled players, is basically repetitive marathon mode. Enemies take 20x as long to kill as in Normal mode, and bosses… OH DON’T EVEN MENTION THOSE… Anyways, that’s about all I wanna say about the gameplay and features in this game without major spoilers… 

Graphics and Music: 

Graphically speaking, Hyrule Warriors looks like a combination of Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword graphics in the Zelda series, but it still looks fresh and new. The game usually keeps a steady framerate, but it dropped whenever I killed a large amount of enemies at once or was playing multiplayer. The music in this game is… Awesome! I like every music track in this game, with my favorites being Eclipse of the Sun, Under Siege, and Silent Guardians. 


Oh boy, here’s the fun part. Legends Mode makes up about 33% of the (current, it will be less later with DLC) length of this game, but Adventure Mode is where most of the content of this game is. TONS of levels with interesting objectives and challenges. But, as I’ve said before, to continue on in some areas of the map or to get certain items/weapons, you need to get an A rank, which feels like it’s almost impossible on some levels, but it is necessary to get some important weapons for some otherwise bad characters. I can’t speak for the other DLC packs besides the first, but as far as I know, the first DLC pack adds a WHOLE NEW ADVENTURE MAP! (And more levels for Legends Mode! Aaaaah!), and as far as I know, at least 3 (not including the first pack) more Adventure Maps will be added, which means that it will at least quadruple the length of the game. Before I forget, there’s also Challenge Mode, but you already know how I feel about that… 

Final Score and Thoughts: 

This was the first game in the Warriors series that I have ever player, and I enjoyed the heck out of it, and I’m not even done with Adventure Mode yet (better hurry up though since the DLC Adventure Map is gonna come soon!). Let’s see, what didn’t I like… I didn’t really enjoy Challenge Mode (I’m probably just a noob), multiplayer pretty much sucks, Hero Mode is horrible (I’m probably still just a noob!), and… Uhh… I– I don’t– I don’t like… Ehh… I never cared for the Eldin Caves map, but that’s just me I think… Anyways, I give this game a solid 8.5, not perfect, definitely great, but I know one thing, definitely want more… (Any errors that I’ve made, I would like to know about, so I can make my reviews as good as possible!)


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